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Page Title: Public Reports
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Figure 6-2B.-Report Analysis Data, OPNAV Form 5214/10 (back).
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Records Disposal - 14260_77
through the forms manager so that obsolete report forms can be removed from case files. PUBLIC  REPORTS Requirements for public reports are examined and controlled by the reports control manager or supervisor, as  are  all  other  reports.  Each  request  to  collect information from the public must be approved by OMB. To obtain this approval, the originator of the request must include the report in the information collection budget  (ICB)  submitted  to  OMB  in  July  of  each  year. The ICB consists of all existing and new public reports (both recurring and one-time) that might be established during  the  year.  Since  requirements  for  submission  of the ICB frequent] y change each year, the originator should notify COMNAVDAC as soon as possible of any potential new public report in order to obtain guidance for including it in the ICB. When a new report is to be approved or an existing one extended, the originator will submit six copies of the following completed documents via the chain of command to COMNAVDAC: l l l l l Clearance  Request  and  Notice  of  Action, Standard  Form  83.  Instructions  for  completing this form are contained in Standard Form 83a. A  supporting  statement  prepared  on  bond  paper following the specific instructions provided in the Standard Form 83a. The  form,  survey,  questionnaire,  or  report,  and all Privacy Act statements. Proposed instructions for completing the report, if any. The information to be submitted for publication in the Federal  Register. COMNAVDAC will submit the ICB to the Assistant Secretary  of  Defense  (Comptroller)  (ASD  [C])  for review and forwarding to OMB for final action. The originator will receive written notification of OMB’s final action. If the report is approved, a report control symbol and expiration date will be assigned to the report. The symbol must be used on all subsequent documentation  concerning  the  report.  If  approval  is  not granted,  the  information  may  not  be  collected. Collecting  information  that  has  not  been  approved  by OMB is a direct violation of Public Law 96-511. PUBLISHING LISTS OF REPORTS The  reports  control  office  should  publish  and distribute a list of current and canceled reports required or prepared by the command. Organizational units within the command are required to review the list and notify the reports control office of any discrepancies. Revised  lists  should  be  published  annually  with quarterly  supplements  as  necessary. List of Current Reports The published list of current reports should include the  following  information: l l l l l l l Report  control  symbol Title of the report Form number or format Frequency  of  submission Reference to the directive or document requiring the  report Specific office within the organization or the unit outside the organization requiring the report Specific office(s) that prepare(s) the report One copy of the list (usually a command notice) should be maintained as a master by the petty officer assigned  to  monitor  reports  submissions. List of Canceled Reports Append to each revised list of current reports and quarterly   supplement  a  list  of  all  reports  canceled  during the period covered by the issuance. The document that originally  required  the  canceled  report  should  also  be listed. Regardless of how efficient you feel you may have been in keeping the master list and case file current, you should  always  make  an  inventory  of  the  reports  (and forms) case file before issuing a new effective list of current and canceled reports. OVERDUE REPORTS The most elaborate reports management system that could be devised is only as good as the actions taken to make  sure  reports  are  submitted/received  on  time.  This is accomplished by completing a Reports Record Card, OPNAV 5214/5, on each report. This is known as the reports tickler card. With these cards, a tickler system 6-6

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