Quantcast Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating

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Page Title: Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating
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Figure 2-1.-Completed Recommendation for Advancement In Rate or Change of Rating (Worksheet), NAVEDTRA 1430/2
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Figure 2-2.-Answer Sheet NETPDC 1430/2
Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change  of  Rating  (Worksheet) The Recommendation for Advancement in Rate or Change of Rating (Worksheet), NAVEDTRA 1430/2, is prepared for each candidate participating in a Navywide advancement  examination.  This  includes  members  in paygrade E-6 who are participating for the Limited Duty Officer Program. Worksheets are ready for verification at least 1 month before the examination. Examining boards and candidates use the worksheet as a checkoff sheet and for transferring information to the answer sheet.  Inaccurate  information  on  a  worksheet  creates inequities for a candidate and could prevent a fully qualified  candidate  from  being  advanced.  Each candidate  should  make  sure  all  personal  information listed  is  correct.  Many  candidates  have  questions  about the information listed on their worksheet. Waiting until the examination day to discuss these questions prolongs the examination and interferes with its orderly conduct. Insist  that  all  worksheets  are  signed  before  the examination   day.   Figure   2-1   shows   a   completed worksheet  and  figure  2-2  shows  the  corresponding answer sheet. OTHER  ADVANCEMENT  PROGRAMS Other methods of advancement or change in rating are  through  special  programs  that  do  not  require participation  in  a  Navywide  advancement  examination. Some  of  these  include  the  following: l Incentive programs that include the Selective Conversion  and  Reenlistment  (SCORE)  Program, Selected  Training  and  Reenlistment  (STAR)  Program, Accelerated   Advancement   Program   (AAP),   and Advanced  Electronics  Field/Advanced  Technical  Field (AEF/ATF)  Program. .  Meritorious  advancement  programs  such  as selectees  for  the  Atlantic,  Pacific,  Shore,  and  Reserve Sailor  of  the  Year,  Enlisted  Recruiter  of  the  Year, Enlisted  Reserve  Recruiter  of  the  Year,  Command Advancement   Program   (CAP),   and   meritorious advancements  for  recruiting  personnel. Selective Conversion and Reenlistment Program The   SCORE   Program   offers   special   career incentives   to   enlisted   members   who   reenlist   for conversion  (change  of  rating)  to  ratings  that  are undermanned   as   listed   in   Career   Reenlistment Objectives  (CREO),  OPNAVINST  1160.4G.  There  are two categories in which an applicant may be placed within the program that should be defined in order to properly counsel personnel. The categories are SCORE and RESCORE. l SCORE applies only to personnel who enter into the program while on naval active duty. .  RESCORE  applies  to  personnel  who  have  been separated from active duty and then reenlist for the program  in  a  continuous  service  status  (reenlistment within 3 months from separation date) or in a broken service status (reenlistment after more than 3 months from separation date). It should be noted that members who  reenlist  under  broken  service  conditions  must reestablish  a  21-month  continuous  active  service eligibility  requirement  for  Selective  Reenlistment Bonus  (SRB),  if  otherwise  eligible. Career   incentives   offered   by   SCORE   and RESCORE  are  as  follows: . Guaranteed assignment to an appropriate class A school  with  automatic  conversion  of  rating  upon satisfactory completion of that school. BUPERS may waive the requirement for class A school if prior training and experience indicate that class A school training is not necessary. . Guaranteed assignment to an appropriate class C school or class C school package and class C school package  or  Advanced  First  Term  Avionics  (AITA) training for the AT rating. . Possible advancement to petty officer third class or petty officer second class. l  Entitlement  to  an  SRB  if  otherwise  eligible according  to  Enlisted   Bonus   and   Special   Duty Assignment  Pay  Programs,  OPNAVINST  1160.6A. Specific eligibility requirements and application procedures  for  the  SCORE  and  RESCORE  Programs are established in the Naval  Military  Personnel  Manual (MILPERSMAN),  NAVPERS  15560C,  and  CREO, OPNAVINST   1160.4G.   General   eligibility requirements  for  reenlistment  under  the  SCORE  and RESCORE  Programs  arc  as  follows: .  The  applicant  should  be  a  petty  officer  first, second, or third class or E-3 (designated striker and nonrated). .  The  applicant  must  not  have  more  than  one nonjudicial punishment within the 18-month period preceding the date of application nor any record of conviction  by  court-martial  or  civil  convictions  (other 2-7

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