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Postal Facilities
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Postal Personnel
The chart in table 1-2 shows the geographical areas and ships served by each JMPA and their elements. AIRPORT MAIL FACILITY/CENTER An  airport  mail  facility/center  (AMF/AMC)  is  a facility that is manned and operated by the USPS at specific  airports  located  in  the  continental  United States.  Mail for all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces that is addressed with an APO/FPO is concentrated at these points for sorting and onward delivery.  The mail is  dispatched  and  transported  following  instructions issued by the JMPAs. BULK MAIL CENTERS There   are   2l   bulk   mail   centers   (BMCs) strategically  located  throughout  the  United  States. These  USPS  mail  processing  centers  comprise  a nationwide system for the concentration, distribution, and transportation of Periodical, Standard Mail A, and Standard Mail B mail.   Postage rates will be further discussed in chapter 4. Of the 2l BMCs we will only be concerned with the ones that serve the three gateways. Table l-3 shows the gateways and the serving BMCs. MILITARY POST OFFICES Military post offices (MPOs) are established on ships and at overseas activities and are branches of the USPS.  Post offices that are located at shore activities in  U.S.  territories,  possessions,  and  in  the  United States may be branches of a local civil post office. A post office operated by the Navy may also act as a  center  for  the  concentration,  consolidation,  and 1-6 JMPA AREAS SERVED New York, NY Ships home-ported on the East Coast in the mid-Atlantic and northern states. Overseas activities located in the Atlantic (less the Caribbean and Central America areas), Europe, and Middle East. Det. Miami, FL Ships home-ported in southern states, and activities in the Caribbean (less Cuba) and Central America. BMC Jacksonville, FL Ships home-ported in southern states, and activities in the Caribbean (less Cuba) and Central America. San Francisco, CA Ships home-ported in California and overseas Pacific areas.  Shore activities at overseas Pacific areas, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. Det. Seattle, WA Ships home-ported in the greater Puget Sound area receive their mail via the FPO system out of San Francisco.  This mail is routed from San Francisco via JMPA Seattle.  JMPA Seattle processes FPO/APO airworthy (Priority/SAM/PAL) parcel mail originating in the northern tier of the United States and destined for FPOs/APOs in the Pacific theater. Det. Hawaii Handles mail for the Hawaiian Islands, Kwajalein, Guam, and other Polynesian Islands. Table 1-2—Joint military postal activities and areas served. GATEWAY SERVING BMC New York, NY APO/FPO AE 090__ - 098__ New York, International and Bulk Mail Center Miami, FL APO/FPO AA 340__ Jacksonville, FL San Francisco, CA APO/FPO AP 962__ - 965__ - 966__ San Francisco, CA Table 1-3.—The three gateways and their serving bulk mail centers.

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