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Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_417
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_419
7.  Security.  Access to work areas shall be limited to those personnel conducting official business, including designated postal clerks, officers, enlisted members, and civilians on official inspections and visits.   Maintenance personnel and postal work details are authorized entry when escorted and under constant surveillance by military postal personnel.   Other security measures and protection of postal property and effects shall be maintained at all times per reference (c), Volume I, Chapters 9 and 13. 8.  Mail bombs a.  Postal personnel should be aware that a bomb could be enclosed in either a parcel or an envelope, with outward appearance limited only by the imagination of the sender. Mail bombs have exhibited the following unique characteristics that may assist postal clerks in identifying a suspected letter or a parcel: (1) Mail bombs may bear restricted endorsements such as “Personal” (2) The addressee’s name and/or title may be inaccurate. (3)  Mail  bombs  may  reflect  distorted  handwriting  or  the  name  and  address  may  be prepared with homemade labels or cut-and-paste lettering (4) Mail bombs may have visible protruding wires, aluminum foil, or oil stains and may emit a peculiar odor (5) Mail bombs may have an excessive amount of postage stamps affixed. (6) Letter bombs may feel rigid or appear uneven or lopsided. (7) Parcel bombs may be unprofessionally wrapped with several combinations of tape used to secure the package and may be endorsed “ FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE “ or “RUSH DO NOT DELAY.” (8) Parcel bombs may make a buzzing sound, ticking or sloshing noise. (9) The return address listed on the article may differ from the meter or postmark of the accepting post office. b.  If a postal clerk is suspicious of a mailing and is unable to verify the contents with the addressee or sender: (1) Do not open the article (2) Isolate the article and evacuate the immediate area. (3) Do NOT put the article in water or a confined space such as a desk drawer or filing cabinet. (4)  If  possible,  open  windows  in  the  immediate  area  to  assist  in  venting  potentially explosive gases. c.  If there is any reason to believe a letter or parcel is dangerous, do not take a chance, follow the above procedures and call: Negishi Yokohama Security Det – 242-4111 CFAY Security- 243-5000 CFAY EOD – 243-7190/7191 (After normal working hours, request security contact EOD) 9. Mail Box Locations/Collection Times a.  COMFLEACT Yokosuka area.  Mail pick up from all collection boxes are collected at 1300, Monday through Sunday at the following locations:    Family member mail service box lobby section building 1258, post office (1630 last collection Monday –Friday) AIII-6

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