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Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_419
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_421
11.    Authorized  Users  of  the  Navy  Postal  Service.    Reference  (b)  identifies  personnel  and organizations authorized to use the MPS in Japan.  Reference (c) states that personnel shall not act, as intermediaries for personnel or organizations not authorized to use the service.  Personnel utilizing FMC Yokohama  96347,  Navy  post  offices  96348,  96349  and  96351  will  comply  with  this  requirement. Non-compliance could result in legal or administrative action including termination of MPS privileges. 12.  Unauthorized Users of Navy Postal Service.  Per reference (b), paragraph 5d, “Family members of active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces and civilian employees of agencies and organizations outlined in DoD Postal Manual whose sponsor is not stationed in Japan.  Upon departure of a military or civilian member from Japan on permanent change of stations, the sponsor’s family members are no longer entitled to benefits and privileges afforded by Status of Force Agreement except as outlined in paragraph 6 below (Termination of Logistic Support).  Family members of active duty U.S. Armed Forces personnel who are not stationed in Japan may be served only when they are physically accompanying their active duty sponsor in Japan in an authorized travel status, including authorized leave.  This privilege cannot be extended to family members of civilian employees.”  In addition, paragraph 6 of reference (b) states, “In unusual cases, the local area commander may approve continued benefits and privileges for up to a maximum of 90 calendar days subsequent to departure of sponsor. Request for continuation of logistical support for family members in excess of 90 days whose sponsors have departed Japan shall be forwarded to Commander U.S. Forces, Japan via COMFLEACT Yokosuka. Using lobby box numbers to undertake a business or a commercial enterprise to resell is prohibited per Appendix A, A-7 of reference (c), reference (b) and this instruction. 13.   Mail Orderly System.   In accordance with reference (c) Volume II, Mail Orderlies are assigned on a collateral duty basis to pickup mail from the post office, to distribute and provide delivery within the respective division, department, agency, organization, bank or exchange, and to provide directory service.  Mail orderlies are responsible for mail in their custody until it is properly delivered. All pieces of mail are required to be delivered personally to the addressee. Mail will not be left in an unattended area where the possibility of theft may occur.   Undeliverable mail must be returned to the post office immediately or stored in a safe place.  In addition the mail orderlies are responsible  for  bringing  back  3849’s  (Delivery/  Notice  /Reminder/  Receipt)  for  personal accountable mail when their personnel are on leave, TAD etc., this will prevent accountable mail from being returned to the sender and a hold will be put on their mail.  The command’s mail orderly system has a direct impact on the post office’s reputation for providing mail service.  For this reason, individuals must be carefully selected and thoroughly trained to perform their duties in a professional manner.  Personnel selected as mail orderlies must meet the following qualifications. a.  Be a U.S. citizen, if required to handle official registered mail. b. The citizenship requirement for mail orderly is determined by the employing government department,  agency,  organization,  bank  or  exchange.   The  post  office  will  deliver  mail  to  mail orderlies in accordance with written authorization. Copies of such authorization must be furnished to the post office for postal files. c. Trustworthy in character. Personnel do not qualify if any of the following items apply: (1) Conviction by court-martial. (2) Punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice involving a postal related incident within the last 12 months. (3) Civil convictions other than minor traffic violations. (4) Disciplined reflecting unfavorably on integrity. (5)  History  of  psychiatric  disorders,  alcoholism,  or  drug  abuse.    (Individual  may  be designated only if medical evaluation determines the condition no longer exists). (6) Relieved of postal duties for cause. AIII-8

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