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Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_423
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_425
(c) The words “Free Entry Claimed Under Public Law - Movement Orders Enclosed” are placed on the address side of the parcel. (d) A properly completed customs declaration has been attached to the parcel. (e) The customer pays the postage and any fees incurred. (2) Personal and household effects mailed under Postage and Fees Paid must be shipped through Fleet Industrial Supply Center or appropriate Supply Office. g. Bona Fide Gifts not Exceeding $100.00 in Value. No duty or internal revenue tax is chargeable for bona fide gifts not exceeding $100 in value mailed from MPOs located outside the CTUS to an address in the United States. The value of the gift is determined by the retail value in the country of acquisition. Duty free mailings to CTUS are subject to the following situations: (1) A customs declaration form shall be completed and attached to each article or parcel mailed. (2) Each parcel must be clearly marked “Bona Fide Gift Not to Exceed $100.00 in Value”. To meet this qualification, the article formerly must have been owned by a donor who gave it out right, in its entirety, to a donee without compensation or a promise of compensation. (3) The exemption applies, provided the accumulated value of such articles received by one person on one day does not exceed $100.00.  A parcel having a total value of more than $100.00, that contains individually wrapped and addressed gifts is entitled to free entry, provided the other conditions are met.   The parcel shall be annotated on the address side indicating the number of separate packages contained therein and stating that each gift is valued at $100.00 or less. h.   Personal Use.   No duty or internal revenue tax is chargeable for article destined for “Personal Use” of the mailer. The dollar value of the exemption is $200.00 or less, and applies to articles mailed into the U.S. from deployed ships and overseas shore stations. (1) A customs declaration form shall be completed and attached to each article or parcel mailed. (2) Each article must be marked “Personal Use.” 21.  Official Mail Program.  The Administrative Officer is designated as the Official Mail Manager (OMM) responsible to the Commander for the official mail functions of the command. a.  OMM shall coordinate/provide the Official Mail Management training per enclosure (1) of reference (f), Chapter 2; paragraph c.2 for all tenant commands served. b.  Official mail destined for delivery outside the COMFLEACT Yokosuka geographical area requires USPS commercial postage. Consolidate mail addressed to one location as a cost-saving measure.  Authorize use of Navy Official Mail is contained in reference (f). c.  Stringent control over official mailings shall be the responsibility of each department head. d.  Official mail will not be deposited in mailboxes. e.  Unauthorized Uses (1) For private use. (2) Goods for resale or pertains to collection of income due to non-appropriated funds. (3)  To  send  greeting  cards,  Christmas  cards,  job  resumes  or  invitations  to  social functions (except events that are authorized per reference (j). (4) Anything mailed by concessionaires or their employees. AIII-12

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