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Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_424
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Appendix 3, Continued - 14317_426
(5) Dependent school year books and other unofficial items such as announcement cards, thank-you cards, memory albums, biographies. (6) Mailings by or for private associations, such as unit associations, Wives Club, Boy Scouts, etc. (7) Mailing matter donated by individuals for donations to other individuals, charitable and nonprofit organizations. (8) Matter that is not exclusively U.S. Government business. (9) For mail not bearing a return address. (10) For mail that does not relate exclusively to the business of the U.S. government. 22.  DoD Official and Personal Intra-theater Mail a. Intra-theater Delivery Service (IDS) may be used for personal correspondence. IDS is an internal service of MPS vice USPS.  IDS is a postage free system and is not regarded as mail.  IDS shipments are not eligible for claims reimbursement for loss or damage. b.  Personal mail that does not exceed 108 inches in length and girth combined and does not weigh over 70 pounds in eligible for IDS service.   Special services such as registered, certified, numbered insured, and return receipt for merchandise is not authorized for IDS mail. c.  Endorsements required for official and personal intra-theater mails are: (1) Official inter-theater mail:  Words “DoD Official Intra-theater Mail” shall be typewritten, rubber stamped, or mechanically printed in the area where the postage would normally be placed. (2) Personal inter-theater mail:  Sender must write “MPS” on upper right corner in place of a stamp. d. IDS mail must have a complete military address, be originated at an overseas MPO, and be addressed to another MPO within the same geographical area. For example: From - FPO AP 96347 to FPO or APO 96373 not FPO AP 96347 to FPO AE 09838. e. Undeliverable items will be returned to sender. An IDS Dead Letter File is established for items without postage that cannot be delivered or returned to sender.  FMC Yokohama is designated as  the  IDS  Dead  Letter  Office  for  Pacific  Navy  activities.    Items  of  no  value  (i.e.,  catalog, advertisement, etc.) will be disposed of within 48 hours of receipt.  Items of a value, including cash, will be turned over to a service welfare charitable organization.   No IDS correspondence will be forwarded to enter the USPS (CONUS, international addresses, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska.) 23.  Parcel  Security  Statement.    Memorandum  of  Agreement  between  the  Federal  Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DoD) concerning the security of military mail.  By completing and signing the parcel security statement on the new International Mail Custom Form, the member is declaring those items entered into the Military Postal System are free from explosives and are subject to security controls appropriate for civil aviation security. This information will remain on file for 30 days and may be used by FAA/DoD and or other government investigative authorities and law enforcement agencies. 24. Forms. All forms listed below will be available at the local post office, except CFAY 5110/2 (Rev. 4-97), Designation of Mail Orderly/Clerk (enclosure (5)), may be reproduced locally. a.  Form 2976, Customs CN22 b.  Form 2976-A, Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note c.  PS Form 2976-E Customs Dispatch note, customs form (Envelope) d.  PS Form 1590, Supplies and Equipment AIII-13

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