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Assignment 1, Continued - 14317_450
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 1, Continued - 14317_452
3 1-19. Military Post Offices located in the United States may be a branch of a local civil post office. 1. True 2.     False   1-20. A military activity established primarily to serve as a place to receive, distribute, consolidate, transfer, and dispatch military mail for transportation to, from, and within overseas areas, commands, and ships, is designated as what type of facility? 1.     Fleet mail center 2.     Joint military postal activity 3.     Bulk mail center 4.     Airport mail facility   1-21. An overseas military mail facility responsible for the receipt, distribution, transfer, and dispatch of military mail by air between overseas areas or to or from the United States is designated as what type of activity? 1.     Airport mail Facility 2.     Bulk mail facility 3.     Airport mail center 4.     Aerial Mail Terminal   1-22. How you handle your incoming and outgoing mail will, in a large measure, decide the reputation of your post office. 1. True 2.     False   1-23. All the following values are important to the military postal clerk. What value is a key factor in developing your technical leadership? 1. Integrity 2. Honesty 3.     Dependability 4.     Neatness   1-24. Integrity and financial responsibility only pertain to a military postal clerk’s professionalism and not to his or her personal life. 1. True 2. False   1-25. Navy personnel to be designated as military postal clerks must meet which of the following qualifications? 1.     Be a U.S. citizen 2.     Possess high moral standards and excellent military bearing 3.     Be financially responsible 4.     All of the above   1-26. What publication lists the procedures for designating military postal clerks? 1.     Department of Defense Postal Manual, Volume I 2.     Administrative Support Manual 3.     Postal Operations Manual 4.     All the above   1-27. A military postal clerk is a person of the U.S. Armed Forces who has been officially designated and authorized by public law to perform postal finance functions and other postal duties. 1. True 2.     False   1-28. In the absence of the primary military postal clerk, which of the following individuals is responsible for carrying out postal functions? 1.     The alternate military postal clerk 2.     The postal officer 3.     The custodian of postal effects 4.     The money order auditing officer  

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