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Assignment 2, Continued - 14317_458
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 2, Continued - 14317_460
11 2-29. For cushioning of a package, you should use which of the following materials? 1.     Shredded newspaper 2.     Foamed plastic 3.      Both 1 and 2 above 4. Popcorn 2-30. For closure or reinforcement of packages, you should NOT use which of the following types of material? 1.     Gummed tapes 2.     Pressure-sensitive tapes 3.     Adhesives and strapping materials 4.     Cellophane tapes and masking tapes 2-31. Except for pressure-sensitive filament tape, tapes used for closure or reinforcement should be at least how many inches wide? 1. 1 inch 2. 2 inches 3. 3 inches 4. 4 inches 2-32. As a window clerk, you should NOT encourage customers to use twine or cord as a method of reinforcement. If twine or cord is used, it must be at least what stress strength? 1.     10 pounds 2.     15 pounds 3.     20 pounds 4.     25 pounds 2-33. The markings on a package must be sharp and clear when viewed at what maximum distance? 1. 10 inches 2. 5 inches 3. 25 inches 4. 30 inches 2-34. When markings or endorsements are used, they should be placed on what area of a package? 1.     Below the address 2.     Above the address 3.     To the left and even with the address 4.     On the reverse side of the package 2-35. Which of the markings listed below is/are authorized on a mailing container? 1.     A parcel marked as containing art supplies but actually containing a pair of socks 2.     A box that had imitation Postage stamps placed on the address side 3.     Order numbers placed in the area of the ZIP Code 4.     A parcel marked PRIORITY above the address 2-36. What organization is identified by the fourth and fifth digits of a nine-digit ZIP Code? 1.     The local delivery area 2.     The sectional center facility 3.     The area distribution center 4.     The bulk mail center 2-37. Ships are assigned ZIP Codes based on which of the following factors? 1.     Number of crewmembers assigned to each ship 2.     Geographic location of their home ports 3.     Both 1 and 2 above 4.     Volume of mail each ship receives 2-38. All ships receive mail through one of how many gateways? 1. One 2.     Two 3. Three 4.     Four

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