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Assignment 3, Continued - 14317_466
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 3, Continued - 14317_468
19 3-25. Standard Mail is broken down into how many classes? 1. One 2.     Two 3. Three 4.     Four 3-26. Standard Mail (B) consists of which of the following types of mail? 1. Parcel Post 2.     Periodicals 3.     EMMS 4.     None of the Above 3-27. At MPOs, Standard Mail (B) is commonly known as what type of mail? 1. PAL 2.     SAM 3.     Special Standard Mail 4. Parcel Post 3-28. What addressing information is required on Standard Mail (B)? 1.     The complete address, including the ZIP Code, of the addressee on all sides of the parcel 2.     The complete addresses, including the ZIP Codes, of the addressee and mailer on one side of the parcel 3.     The complete addresses, including the ZIP codes, of the addressee and the mailer on the address side and the reverse side of the parcel 4.     An addressee’s address, including the ZIP Code, on one side and the mailers address with ZIP Code on the reverse side of the parcel 3-29. Articles mailed at the Standard Mail (B) rate of postage may be subject to inspection under certain conditions whether or not the mail piece is secured. 1. True 2.     False 3-30. When placed in or on a parcel mailed Standard Mail (B), which of the following written additions and enclosures does NOT require additional First-Class postage? 1.     Matter mailable as Standard Mail (A) printed on the wrapper 2.     The words “Please Do Not Open Until Christmas” inscribed on the wrapper 3.     Instructions for the use of the item mailed in writing as an enclosure 4.     Each of the above 3-31. What is the maximum weight limit for Standard Mail (B)? 1.     15 pounds 2.     30 pounds 3.     60 pounds 4.     70 pounds 3-32. When accepting Standard Mail (B) you should refer to the Conditions Applied to Mail Addressed to Military Post Offices Overseas located in what document? 1.     Module A of the DMM 2.     USPS Postal Bulletin 3.     Section 131 of the POM 4.     Section 136 of the ASM 3-33. What is the maximum size limit for Parcel Post (Oversized Mail)? 1. 60 inches 2. 100 inches 3. 108 inches 4. 130 inches 3-34. Postage for Standard Mail (B) is determined by which of the following? 1.     Size and distance it must travel 2.     Distance it must travel and contents 3.     Weight and distance it must travel 4.     Weight and content

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