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Assignment 3, Continued - 14317_468
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 3, Continued - 14317_470
21 3-45. Articles mailed as Special Standard Mail should have what endorsement(s) on the outside wrapper? 1.     Special Standard Mail only 2.     SAM only 3.     Special Standard Mail and SAM 4.     Special rate 3-46. Which of the following types of Standard Mail may be sent at the library rate? 1.     A book that contains advertisements 2.     Printed music 3.     A letter addressed to a college 4.     A Magazine addressed to an individual recipient from a vendor 3-47. Which of the following articles mailed from an MPO overseas is subject to customs examination when entering the U.S.? 1.     A $5 wood carving 2.     A $50 watch 3.     A$500 TV 4.     Each of the above 3-48. Which of the following individuals is responsible for compliance with customs laws when a parcel is mailed to a CONUS address from an MPO overseas? 1.     The mailer 2.     The accepting military postal clerk 3.     The postal supervisor 4.     The commanding officer 3-49. Which of the following individuals is responsible for accurately listing the contents and value of each article mailed at an MPO overseas? 1.     The mailer 2.     The accepting clerk 3.     The customs petty officer 4.     The COPE 3-50. Which of the following statements best describes the military postal clerk's role in compliance with customs law? 1.     MPCs are totally responsible 2.     MPCs have no responsibility 3.     MPCs are responsible for ensuring the customs form is properly completed and attached 4.     MPCs are responsible to the commanding officer for the compliance of customs laws 3-51. Which of the following customs forms would a customer use when sending a parcel from an overseas MPO to the U.S. with a declared value of $401? 1.     PS Form 2976 2.     PS Form 2976-A 3.     PS Form 2976-E 4.     None of the above 3-52. When a customer is sending personal property to the U.S. from an overseas MPO what endorsement is placed on the address side of the parcel? 1.     FREE FROM DUTYPERSONAL PROPERTY ENCLOSED 2.     UNSOLICITED GIFT 3.     RETURNED PERSONAL PROPERTYORDERS ENCLOSED 4.     AMERICAN GOODS RETURNED 3-53. The use of certified mail provides which of the following benefits? 1.     The post office of origin with a record of delivery 2.     The mailer with a receipt for proof of mailing 3.     The post office of address with a record of delivery 4.     Both 2 and 3 above

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