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Assignment 5, Continued - 14317_481
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 5, Continued - 14317_483
34 5-15. If a registered letter with a return receipt is recalled by the mailer before delivery, which, if any, of the following refunds is/are allowed? 1.     The return receipt fee only 2.     The registration fee only 3.     The return receipt and registration fee 4.     None of the above   5-16. What is the highest level of classified material authorized shipment by registered mail if any? 1.     Secret 2.     Top Secret 3.     Confidential 4.     None of the above 5-17. Registered mail can only be transported from overseas activities on which of the following types of air carriers? 1.     Scheduled U.S. commercial passenger nonstop flights 2.     All-cargo aircraft 3.     AMC aircraft 4.     All of the above 5-18. When receiving registered mail by Navy military aircraft, you should be at the airport what minimum amount of time before the departure of the aircraft? 1. 1 hour 2. 2 hours 3. 3 hours 4. 4 hours   5-19. Which of the following types of forms is/are used to receipt for registered mail? 1.     PS Form 3854 only 2.     PS Form 3877 only 3.     PS Form 3854 and PS Form 3877 4.     PS Form 3813P 5-20. Volume mailers assign and account for registered articles by using what PS form? 1.     PS Form 3806 2.     PS Form 3833 3.     PS Form 3854 4.      PS Form 3877   5-21. In the event the mailer has made a mistake in preparing PS Form 3877, a registry clerk should take what corrective procedure? 1.       Change the incorrect registration number by writing over it only 2.       Draw a line through the incorrect number and rewrite the correct number only 3.       Draw a line through the incorrect number, initial the change, and make the correct entry 4.       Change the incorrect registration number by writing over it in the presence of the mailer   5-22. Official mail should be separated from personal mail in the processing of outgoing registered mail when what situation occurs, if ever? 1.     The volume of personal mail warrants this procedure 2.     The standpoint scheme dictates this type of processing 3.     The use of FMC transportation requires this procedure 4.     Never   5-23. Concerning the mailbag equipment used to dispatch outgoing registered mail, which of the following statements is correct? 1.       Any hole or tear in the mailbag renders the bag unusable 2.       A mailbag with a hole smaller than a 50-cent coin may be used 3.       A mailbag with a tear less than 6 inches long may be used 4.      A pouch with a worn or defective strap may be used

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