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Assignment 5, Continued - 14317_482
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 5, Continued - 14317_484
35 5-24. When preparing a registered mail pouch for dispatched, a military post office should use what PS form as an inside bill? 1.     PS Form 3851 2.     PS Form 3852 3.     PS Form 3853 4.      PS Form 3854   5-25. When a registry manifold bill is completed for the dispatch of registered mail, which of the following procedures is NOT correct? 1.       The bill should be prepared by using a lead pencil 2.       The bill should be prepared by using a ball-point pen 3.       If an error is made during the preparation of the bill, draw a single line through the incorrect entry and initial the change 4.       The bill should be completed in duplicate for a numbered seal pouch 5-26. What letter, if any, is used to indicate the last page of a dispatch that requires more than one registry manifold bill? 1. X 2. L 3. O 4. None   5-27. A numbered seal registered pouch that contains letter bundles should have the manifold bill enclosed in what manner? 1.     Under the top piece of the bundle 2.     Under the top piece of each bundle 3.     Either 1 or 2 above, depending upon whether or not there is more than one bundle enclosed 4.     Placed in a P-9 envelope   5-28. A numbered seal registered pouch should be sealed by threading the small plain end of the seal through the bottom of the staple toward and through two grommets of the pouch and then bent back and threaded into the ball of the seal. The seal number should appear in what position on the seal when the pouch is sealed? 1.     The outside 2.     The inside 3.     Either 1 or 2 above, depending upon the position of the number when the seal was threaded through the staple. 4.     Part on the inside and part on the outside   IN QUESTIONS 5-29 THROUGH 5-33, YOU ARE PREPARING A STRIP LABEL FOR A NUMBERED SEAL POUCH. FROM THE LIST ABOVE, SELECT THE POSITION ON THE STRIP LABEL THAT CONTAINS THE INFORMATION LISTED IN THE QUESTION. EACH RESPONSE IS USED AT LEAST ONCE. 5-29. Indicates the destination of the mail pouch. 1. A 2. B 3.     C 4. D   5-30.    The endorsement REGISTERED. 1. A 2. B 3.     C 4. D   A. First line on the front B. Second line on the front C. Third line on the front D. Reverse side strip label

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