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Assignment 5, Continued - 14317_485
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 5, Continued - 14317_487
38 5-44. The reporting procedure for damaged registered mail depends upon which of the following factors? 1.       Whether or not the damaged registered article is personal or official 2.       If depredation or compromise is suspected 3.       Both 1 and 2 above 4.       The source of receipt   5-45. The accepting post office should be informed of noted irregularities by using what PS form? 1.     PS Form 565 2.     PS Form 1510 3.     PS Form 3826 4.      PS Form 3854   5-46. When should you and the witness as receiving clerks sign the inside manifold bill of registered articles? 1.       After verifying the seal number of the pouch against the seal number listed on the inside bill 2.       After checking the registered numbers of the enclosed pieces against those listed on the inside bill 3.       After entering the number of articles received 4.       After all the above have been completed   5-47. When registered articles received are not listed on the inside bill, which of the following procedures should be followed? 1.     Enter the received article number on the bill and coupon with a note of explanation 2.     Immediately contact the dispatching activity by phone, E-mail, or naval message 3.     Return the coupon portion of the bill to the dispatching activity 4.     All of the above 5-48.   You always prepare a bill and send a duplicate copy to the dispatching office for which of the following situations involving incoming registered mail? 1.     A pouch of registered mail contains an improperly completed inside bill 2.     An article listed on the inside bill is not in the pouch 3.     A pouch of registered mail contains no inside bill 4.     All of the above 5-49. Official registered mail is receipted for by the mail orderly on what PS form? 1.     PS Form 3849 2.     PS Form 3854 3.     PS Form 3877 4.      PS Form 3883 5-50. The bill numbers for PS Form 3883 are numbered in sequence starting with number 1 at the beginning of what calendar day? 1. 1 January 2. 1 March 3.     1 July 4. 1 October   5-51. What document is used to notify customers that registered personal mail is being held for there pickup? 1.     PS Form 3854 2.     PS Form 3849 3.     PS Form 3877 4.     PS Form 3883   5-52. When the addressee is unable to receipt for registered mail, the mail may be delivered in which of the following manners? 1.       Receipted for by an authorized agent 2.       Receipted for by the addressee’s division mail orderly 3.       Receipted for by a MPC 4.       All the above

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