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Assignment 6, Continued - 14317_489
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 6, Continued - 14317_491
42 6-17. The combinations to safes used to store postal funds and stamp stock should be changed at which of the following times? 1.     Upon initially receiving the safe 2.     Whenever there is a compromise of the combination 3.     Whenever an individual who has had custody of the combination is transferred or relieved of credit 4.     All of the above 6-18. What procedure is recommended to avoid disagreements about the amount of money given you in a stamp transaction? 1. Ask the patron to pay the exact amount of the purchase 2.     Keep the money received in view until the transaction is completed 3.     Put the money received in a special compartment until the patron has accepted the change 4.     Accept payment only after handing over the stamps 6-19. Military postal clerks are not permitted to affix stamps to articles for which postage has just been sold. The mailer of the article must affix the stamps. 1. True 2.     False 6-20. The fixed credit of a military post office includes which of the following items? 1.     Postal stationery, money order forms, and postage stamps 2.     Funds from the sale of money orders and stamps only 3.     Funds from the sale of postal stationery and stamps only 4.     Funds from the sale of money orders, stamps, and postal stationery 6-21. When a Navy post office is established, the total amount of fixed credit desired should be determined in what manner? 1.     By allowing only $10 per person served 2.     By allowing only $10 per person served with at least a $2,000 minimum limit 3.     By allowing only $25 per person served 4.     By allowing only $25 per person served with at least a $5,000 minimum limit 6-22. What amount of fixed credit is normally carried by an aircraft carrier? 1. $100,000 2. $50,250 3. $30,000 4. $10,750   6-23. The invoice that accompanies the shipment of the original stock to a newly established Navy post office is retained by what official? 1.     The commanding officer 2.     The disbursing officer 3.     The postal officer 4.     The custodian of postal effects   6-24. To show the status of the postal effects before commencing postal operations, an audit of postal accounts should be held and submitted on the authorized date of establishment. 1. True 2.     False  

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