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Assignment 6, Continued - 14317_491
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 6, Continued - 14317_493
44 6-34. You should destroy the fourth copy of the stamp requisition at what point in time? 1.     Retain in files 2 years; then destroy 2.     After you and the custodian have verified the stamp stock shipment and completed the entries on the duplicate stamp requisition 3.     Upon receipt of the stamp stock 4.     Never 6-35. After verifying a stamp stock shipment and completing your copy of the requisition, what action should you take? 1.     Determine the number and denominations to be issued to your assistants 2.     Record the receipt of the stamp stock on PS Form 3295 3.     Store the stamp stock in your safe 4.     Divide the stamp stock into equal Lots for yourself, the reserve custodian, and your assistants   6-36. If you and the custodian discover that a shipment of stamp stock is short, the facts should be reported immediately to what officials or office? 1.     The commanding officer and the Chief of Naval Operations 2.     The Chief of Naval Operations and the accountable postmaster 3.     The accountable postmaster and the disbursing officer 4.     The commanding officer, the postal officer 6-37. The postage meter machine consists of what basic part(s)? 1.     The postage meter only 2.     The mailing machine only 3.     The postage meter and meter base 4.     The postage meter, mailing machine, and meter key 6-38. A postage meter tape cannot be printed for more than what maximum amount?   1. $9.99 2. $10.99 3. $49.99 4. $99.99 6-39. The ascending register on the postage meter head will always show the amount of postage in dollars and cents remaining on the meter. 1. True 2.     False 6-40. The recording of daily meter register readings is shown on what form? 1.     PS Form 3083 2.     PS Form 3602-PO 3.     PS Form 3603 4.     PS Form 3610   6-41. PS Form 3602-POs are issued in pads of what specific number? 1.50 forms in duplicate 2. 100 forms in duplicate 3.     50 forms in triplicate 4. 100 forms in triplicate 6-42. When a postage meter head becomes defective, no attempt to repair the meter is authorized. 1. True 2.     False 6-43. A money order set consists of what total number of parts? 1. One 2.     Two 3. Three 4.     Four

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