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Assignment 7 - 14317_496
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 7, Continued - 14317_498
49 7-9. Security of U.S. mail by unit mailrooms includes which of the following actions? 1.     The mail-handling areas must be locked when the responsible individual is/are physically present 2.     Mail in the custody of mail clerks or mail orderlies must not be subject to delay, interception, or seizure 3.     Mail must be delivered only to the addressee or an agent designated in writing by the addressee 4.     All of the above 7-10. If the situation requires U.S. mail to be transported in a privately owned vehicle, permission to do so must be obtained from what official? 1.     The commanding officer 2.     The unit postal officer 3.     The executive officer 4.     The postmaster of the serving postal activity 7-11. The most common method of delivering mail to addressees by naval activities is the use of what type of system? 1.     General delivery 2.     Mail orderlies 3.     Mail receptacles 4.     Mail clerks 7-12. Damaged articles received in closed bags at unit mailrooms should have what endorsement placed on them? 1.     DAMAGED IN ORDINARY MAIL AT (location) 2.     DAMAGED IN HANDLING IN THE POSTAL SERVICE 3.     DAMAGED IN HANDLING IN THE MILITARY POSTAL SERVICE 4.     DAMAGED IN HANDLING 7-13. Mail addressed in care of another person or addressed to more than one addressee must be returned to the sender. 1. True 2.     False 7-14. Official registered mail received in the ordinary mail at unit mailrooms should be disposed of in which of the following manners? 1.     Prepare PS Form 3883 and deliver the registered article to the appropriate mail orderly 2.     Prepare a modified PS Form 3877 in duplicate for the return of the registered article 3.     Return the registered article to the registry section of the serving post office 4.     Both 2 and 3 above 7-15. Which of the following statements is NOT correct pertaining to the delivery of mail at a unit mailroom? 1.     Postage-due mail will be collected before delivery to the addressee 2.     Postage-due and special delivery mail will be delivered as regular mail 3.     C.O.D. mail will be returned to the serving post office for processing 4.     Postage due will not be collected 7-16. If the addressee refuses an article and declines to sign and date the refused article, which of the following procedures should the delivery mail clerk follow? 1.     Endorse the article REFUSED BY ADDRESSEE 2.     Date and sign the article 3.     Both 1 and 2 above 4.     Endorse the article REFUSED and dispose of as waste

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