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Assignment 7, Continued - 14317_497
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 7, Continued - 14317_499
50 7-17. Stamps found loose in the mail at a unit mailroom will be disposed of in what manner? 1.     Forwarded to serving post office 2.     Destroyed 3.     Turned over to the unit postal officer 4.     Returned to MPSA with a letter of explanation 7-18. Before receipting for official registered mail, the unit mail clerk should follow which of the following procedures? 1.     Ensure all articles being receipted for are listed on the form 2.     Ensure all articles being receipted for are in good condition and have not been tampered with 3.     Ensure that any repaired or rewrapped articles have the endorsement DAMAGED IN HANDLING IN THE POSTAL SERVICE placed on the wrapper or container 4.     All of the above 7-19. A departmental mail orderly receipts for official registered mail from a unit mail room.  Which of the following PS forms is/are used for the proper receipting procedure? 1.     PS Form 3812 2.     PS Form 3850 3.     PS Form 3883 4.     Both 2 and 3 above 7-20. A unit mail clerk returning undeliverable registered mail to the registry section of the serving post office uses what modified PS form for a record of disposition? 1.     PS Form 3849-A 2.     PS Form 3850 3.     PS Form 3854 4.     PS Form 3877    7-21. When should you send out a second 3849 notice to the addressee to pickup his accountable mail from the post office? 1.      5 days 2.     10 days 3.     15 days 4.     20 days 7-22. If requested by the mailer, to which of the following types of mail can restricted delivery services apply? 1.     Numbered insured 2.     Certified 3.     Both 1 and 2 above 4.     Unnumbered insured   7-23. An incoming article that has restricted delivery services requested can be identified by what endorsement(s) on the article? 1.     RESTRICTED DELIVERY only 2.     PERSONAL only 3.     RESTRICTED DELIVERY and PERSONAL 4.     DELIVER TO ADDRESSEE ONLY 7-24. Addressees can authorize the delivery of mail, including restricted delivery mail that is addressed to them, by completing and filling what PS form at the serving military post office? 1.     PS Form 3801 2.     PS Form 3811 3.     PS Form 3849-A 4.     PS Form 3849-B 7-25. MODIS is a system used to measure transit times. 1. True 2.     False

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