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Assignment 8 - 14317_503
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 8, Continued - 14317_505
56 8-8. Indemnity claims can be filed through USPS for which of the following types of mail? 1. A damaged article that was insured by the USPS 2. A lost registered and Express mail article that was insured by the USPS 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. An article that was commercially insured and entered into the USPS has ordinary mail 8-9. An indemnity claim may be filed immediately under which of the following circumstances? 1. Only if the claim is being filed for partial damage 2. Only if the claim is being filed for complete damage 3. If the claim is being filed for partial or complete damage 4. If the claim is being filed for complete loss 8-10.    Which of the following types of evidence must be provided when a postal claim is being filed? 1. The original mailing receipt 2. The original wrapper showing the article was insured and the names and addresses of both the mailer and addressee 3. Either 1 or 2 above, depending upon what. is available 4. A reproduced copy of the mailing receipt 8-11.    Before a claim is filed for an insured lost article that was mailed by surface ocean transportation, the claimant should wait at least how many days from the date the article was mailed? 1. 75 days 2. 180 days 3. 30 days 4.   45 days 8-12.    Registered mail indemnity claims must be filed within what maximum period of time from the date the material was mailed? 1. 9 months 2. 12 months 3. 3 months 4. 6 months 8-13.    Articles with salvage value must be retained at the MPO what number of days before forwarding to the serving Mail Recovery Center? 1. 30 2. 60 3. 90 4. 180 8-14. What form number is a receipt for article   damage in the mail? 1.   PS Form 1000 2.   PS Form 3811 3.   PS Form 3831 4.   PS Form 3841 8-15.    International inquiry about a lost or damaged registered article should be processed on what form? 1. PS Form 542 2. PS Form 3812 3. PS Form 3862 4.   PS Form 3863

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