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Assignment 8, Continued - 14317_505
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 8, Continued - 14317_507
58 8-25.    Certain service members who are transferred for discharge do not want their mail forwarded to a civilian address. What should the Postal Clerk do with such service members’ mail when it has a return address? 1. Return the mail to sender 2. Send the mail to Chief of Naval Operations (Postal Affairs Branch) 3. Treat the mail as dead mail 4. Send the mail in care of general delivery to the post office of the member’s home of record 8-26.    Seaman Foster has been honorably discharged from the Navy. After what minimum period of time should you destroy this individual’s directory card? 1. Immediately 2. 15 days 3. 6 months 4.   12 months 8-27.    The directory file should be screened and all expired directory cards removed and destroyed during what time period? 1.     The first workweek of each month 2.     The second workweek of each month 3.     The third workweek of each month 4.     The fourth workweek of each month 8-28.    The information that is necessary to maintain a proper directory file system can be obtained from which of the following sources? 1.     The command change of address cards 2.     Advance copies of an individual’s orders 3.     Rosters of attached squadrons and/or detachments 4.     All of the above 8-29.    The endorsement ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED does not apply to military post offices or unit mailrooms. 1. True 2.     False 8-30.    The indication that a letter has been given directory service is stamped on what part of the letter? 1.     To the left of the address 2.     On the reverse side 3.     Over the postmark 4.     Below the postage stamps 8-31.    Undeliverable mail for which there is indication that the individual is due to arrive should be held for what maximum period of time? 1. 15 days from the original date 2. 15 days past the due-in date 3. 30 days past the due-in date 4. 45 days pest the due-in date 8-32.    Undeliverable mail for an individual for whom there is no indication of a due-date but you have reason to believe the individual is due to arrive. What maximum period of time, if any, from the original date of receipt should you hold the mail? 1 15 days 2.     60 days 3.     30 days 4.     None since there is no indication of a due-date, mail should be returned to the sender

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