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Figure 14-3.—An example of a completed DD Form 2259 (MPC) (Reverse).
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Preparing PS Form 3294 for Flexible Credit Accounts
serial numbers are accounted for, that cashed money order serial numbers do not repeat from one report to another, and that registered dispatch numbers match those that are annotated on the attached PS Form 3806, Receipt for Registered Mail.   At overseas commands that  send  money  order  reports  by  Express  Mail,  the auditor must check the Express Mail number on the post office copy of PS Form 6019 against the copy of the USPS Label 11-B attached to the report. Auditing Postage Meter Accounts In some instances window clerks may also use a postage meter, in addition to a fixed credit, to conduct window  transactions.    The  funds  must  be  separated before auditing the fixed credit portion. The amount of funds  generated  from  use  of  a  postage  meter  is determined by subtracting the current ascending and descending readings shown on the postage meter from those shown on the clerk’s copy of PS Form 3602-PO. The funds are then withdrawn from the clerk’s fixed credit and set aside until the audit is completed.  Once verified  the  auditors  will  record  the  amount  in  the Postage Meter Account section on DD Form 2259. Verification of PS Form 1590 When the auditors have completed their count of the  entire  fixed  credit  for  the  MPO,  a  verification should be conducted of all capital equipment assigned to the MPO which was receipted for on PS Form 1590, Supplies and Equipment Receipt.  All items listed on PS Form 1590 should be sited.  Any missing items will be reported as a postal offense or loss as outlined in the DOD Postal Manual, Volume 1. AUDITING STAMP VENDING MACHINES (SVM) Audits of all SVMs will be conducted during the monthly  audit  using  PS  Form  3293,  Retail  Vending Credit Examination (see figures 14-4 and 14-5), and the results recorded on PS Form 3368, Stamp Credit Examination Record.  A separate form will be used for each SVM account.   The serial number of the SVM audited must be entered in the “Remarks” section of PS Form 3293.  All SVMs have a tolerance of $20.00. For fixed credit accounts any overages discovered at the time of the audit shall be held for a period of 3 days before remitting to the NPFO San Diego.   This procedure  allows  the  customers,  who  may  be  due  a refund, the time necessary to request reimbursement. If a refund is made to a customer, PS Form 3293 is annotated in the “Remarks” section and a correction made  to  the  overage  amount. The  following procedures for processing overages and shortages are specific to fixed credit accounts: ·   Overages.   COPE’s will submit all overages to NPFO San Diego, who in turn will submit it with PS  Form  1412-B,  Daily  Financial  Report  to Postmaster,  San  Francisco.    Overages  will  be submitted with a letter listing the location of and name  of  person  responsible  for  the  SVM  and name  of  auditor  if  overage  was  discovered during a monthly or quarterly audit. ·   Shortages.    The  COPE  will  submit  a  letter  of explanation for shortages to include the amount; name  of  individual  who  filled  the  SVM;  serial number, and location of the SVM. The letter will be signed by the COPE and Auditor of the SVM. –  The COPE must send the letter to NPFO San Diego with a completed PS Form 17, listing replacement stock equal to the shortage.  The return stamp portion of the PS Form 17 will note the shortage letter as a reference and the amount of the shortage. NPFO San Diego will use the PS Form 17 to forward stock to replace the SVM shortage. –  The COPE may use this method for the loss of funds due to foreign coins.   Send all foreign coins  by  registered  mail  along  with  a  list indicating location of the SVM and value of coin(s) (take credit of only up to the amount required  to  balance  the  fixed  credit  of  the SVM). To process overages to Postmaster, San Francisco, NPFO San Diego will complete the following: ·   Submit overages on PS Form 1412-B using AIC 175, Vending Machine Overages, as a separate entry  in  the  receipt  section. A  letter  of explanation for the overage will be attached to PS Form 1412-B. –  Any   SVM   that   has   an   overage   in   two consecutive  audits  must  be  taken  out  of service and a replacement module requested. The  counter  system  on  the  modules  records the  current  number  each  time  the  SVM  is filled.    This  enables  you  to  determine  how many  books  were  issued,  how  many  are remaining,  and  the  amount  of  cash  received during  the  audit.    Caution  should  be  taken when  filling  the  SVM  to  ensure  that  stamp 14-9

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