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Table 4-4—Checklist for Acceptance of Domestic Mail
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Insured Mail - 14317_94
CHAPTER 5 SPECIAL SERVICES Special services provide for the handling of mail in other than the routine and ordinary manner.   Special services require fees in addition to the regular postage. In this chapter you will learn about the special services available to customers for domestic mail presented for mailing at MPOs.   You will also learn what specific special services are available for the various classes of mail and how to compute the fees for such services. Special  services  for  international  mail  will  be discussed in chapter 6. REGISTERED MAIL Registered mail service is designed to give added protection  for  valuable  and  important  mail.    Postal insurance coverage may be purchased for mail that is registered in the event of loss or damage.  Registered mail is the most secure service the USPS offers.   It incorporates a system of receipts to monitor the mail’s movement from the point of acceptance to delivery. The sender is provided a mailing receipt, the accepting post  office  maintains  a  copy  of  the  receipt,  and  a delivery record is kept at the post office of address. For a  complete  discussion  on  registered  mail,  refer  to chapter 7. OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES Learning  Objective: Recognize   other special services available at an MPO. Registered  mail  is  one  of  the  USPS  special services  offered  by  MPOs.   In  this  section  you  will learn about the other special services that are available. These special services include the following: · Certified mail · Insured mail (unnumbered and numbered) · Special handling · Certificate of mailing · Return receipt · Return  receipt  after  mailing/duplicate  return receipt · Return receipt for merchandise · Restricted delivery CERTIFIED MAIL Certified mail provides the postal customer with a mailing receipt at the time of mailing and a record of delivery is kept at the post office of address.  There is no  record  kept  at  the  accepting  post  office.    Only mailable matter on which postage at the First-Class or priority  mail  rate  has  been  paid  will  be  accepted  as certified mail.  Patrons should be advised that certified mail  does  not  provide  postal  insurance,  thus  if  the article  is  lost  or  damaged,  no  monetary  loss  can  be claimed.  Certified mail may be addressed for delivery only  to  the  U.S.  and  its  territories  and  possessions, through APO/FPO post offices, or through the United Nations  Post  Office,  New  York.    DO  NOT  accept certified articles destined to international addresses. Certified  mail  receipts  are  completed  in  the original only. The receipt is designed so that the sender can easily complete it.  When the customer presents an article  for  mailing  as  certified  mail,  you,  as  the accepting  clerk,  must  postmark  the  receipt  with  an APDS.  If the proper postage and fees have been paid on  a  certified  article,  it  can  be  deposited  in  any mailbox.   However, if the sender desires to have the receipt postmarked the article must be taken to the post office. Certified mail service can be combined with other special services.  Some of these other special services include  return  receipts,  and  restricted  delivery. (Return  receipts  and  restricted  delivery  will  be discussed in detail later in this chapter.) Fees The fee for certified mail is collected in addition to the appropriate First-Class or priority mail postage and any additional fee(s) for other special services. The fee for  certified  mail  can  be  found  in  Module  R  of  the DMM. 5-1

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