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Page Title: Chapter 6 - International Mail
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Table 5-1. Checklist for Special Services
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Individual Country Listings
CHAPTER 6 INTERNATIONAL MAIL In chapter 4 you learned how to identify the classes of  domestic  mail,  and  what  geographical  areas  are within  the  U.S.  domestic  postal  system.   But,  what about mail that is addressed to foreign countries? First, mail  addressed  to  a  foreign  country  is  called international mail and differs from domestic mail in many ways.  For example, the five classes of domestic mail (Express Mail, First-Class, Periodicals, Standard Mail  (A),  and  Standard  Mail  (B))  do  not  apply  for international mail.  Also, the types of matter that may be mailed and the conditions for acceptance vary for different countries.   Therefore, you must refer to the International   Mail   Manual    (IMM)  each  time  you accept  an  article  (except  for  ordinary  letter  mail) addressed to a foreign country.  The IMM contains the rates  and  specific  conditions  of  mailing  for  each individual foreign country. Mail  addressed  to  overseas  APO  and  FPO addresses  or  U.S.  territories  such  as  Guam,  Puerto Rico, American Samoa, or the U.S. Virgin Islands is considered domestic mail, and international rates of postage must NOT be charged. INTERNATIONAL MAIL MANUAL Learning Objective:   Identify the sections of the International Mail Manual. To  properly  accept  articles  addressed  to  foreign countries, you must know how to use the IMM.   The IMM contains the regulations that apply to international mail  service.    It  details  the  mailing  conditions, acceptance  procedures,  and  preparation  requirements for mail sent from the United States to other countries. The  IMM  cross-references  the  DMM  whenever domestic mail conditions and procedures apply.  On the job you will have a DMM and an IMM to refer to. MAKEUP OF THE INTERNATIONAL MAIL MANUAL The IMM consists of the following sections: Chapter 1—International Mail Services Chapter 2 Conditions for Mailing Chapter 3 Special Services Chapter 4 Treatment of Outbound Mail Chapter 5 Nonpostal Export Regulations Chapter 6 Special Programs Chapter 7 Treatment of Inbound Mail Chapter 8 (Reserved for future information) Chapter 9 Inquiries, Indemnities, and Refunds World Map World Map Index Index of Countries and Localities Individual Country Listings Index Forms Index Of  the  nine  chapters  you  will  primarily  be concerned with chapters l, 2, and 3.   These chapters contain information on outgoing postal union mail and international  parcel  post.    Included  is  information concerning mail prohibitions, restrictions, preparation requirements,  customs  declarations,  air  service,  and aerogrammes.    Also,  special  mail  services  such  as registry, insurance, return receipts, restricted delivery, and special handling are explained. LOCATING INFORMATION To properly use the IMM, you must know how to locate the desired information.  The information in the IMM is listed by a decimal-type numbering system.  It is set up so it is easy to find the information you need. Suppose  you  wanted  to  find  information  on  the required use of customs forms.  Go to the index in the back of the manual.  Look for customs forms.  There you  will  find  that  information  on  customs  forms  is located in section 123.  Look through section 123 and you  will  find  Required  Usage  is  located  in  123.61. Section 123.61 breakdown is as follows: Chapter 1—International Mail Services 6-1

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