Quantcast Delivery of Personal Accountable Mail

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Figure 9-2.—An example of a modified PS Form 3877 for the return of registered mail found in the ordinary mail at a unit mailroom.
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 9-3. A sample of a PS Form 3877 for the return of underweight registered mail to the serving post office from the unit mailroom.
post  office  should  repair  the  mailing  containers  or rewrap   the   articles,   place   the   endorsement, DAMAGED  IN  HANDLING  IN  THE  POSTAL SERVICE, on the mail, and annotate on the delivery bill  that  the  article(s)  were  damaged.    If  damaged articles  are  received  in  closed  bags,  they  should  be repaired  and  endorsed,  RECEIVED  IN  DAMAGED CONDITION, along with the date of receipt and the identity of the unit repairing the article. Before official accountable mail is signed for by department or division mail orderlies from a unit mail clerk, the accountable mail must be listed on a PS Form 3883  by  identifying  numbers  and  office  of  origin. Whenever  a  mail  clerk  releases  control  of  official accountable  mail  to  a  department  or  division  mail orderly, proper receipting procedures must always be followed  to  ensure  accountability.     Accountable official mail must be covered by a chain of receipts from the time the mail is accepted by unit mail clerks until delivery has been made to the appropriate mail orderly.    If  the  mail  clerk  or  mail  orderly  has  the commanding officer’s authority to open official mail, it is considered to be delivered once receipted for at the serving  post  office  or  UMR  and  no  further  transfer receipts are required.  Unit mail clerks must return all undeliverable-as-addressed  accountable  mail  to  the serving  post  office  on  PS  Form  3877  prepared  in duplicate.  The accepting postal clerk will sign for the accountable mail and keep the original PS Form 3877 for records purposes. The unit mail clerk must keep the signed copy of PS Form 3877 for mailroom records. The PS Form 3877 is annotated to show the disposition of the returned article (see figure 9-3). DELIVERY OF PERSONAL ACCOUNTABLE MAIL Personal accountable mail should be delivered by the serving post office to the addressee or an authorized agent.  The serving post office should provide the unit mail clerk or mail orderly with a PS Form 3849, which will  be  given  to  the  addressee  when  the  mail  is delivered. Delivery of Personal Accountable Mail from a Mailroom If a unit is geographically isolated from the serving post office, commanding officers may authorize mail clerks to receipt for and deliver personal accountable mail. This authority must be in writing and kept on file at the UMR, with a copy provided to the serving post office. Once this authority is granted the responsibility to  prepare  and  maintain  PS  Form  3849  will  also  be transferred to the unit.  Personal accountable mail will then be delivered to unit mail clerks by the serving post office using a PS Form 3883 as a delivery receipt. When personal accountable mail is received from the serving post office, the unit mail clerk must: ·   Use PS Form 3849 to notify customers of their accountable mail.  The form is prepared the day the  article  is  received  and  delivered  with  the ordinary mail. ·   Annotate the article with the date the notice was prepared,  and  store  the  article  separately  from nonaccountable mail. ·   Require positive identification of the addressee or  authorized  agent  before  delivering  the accountable mail.   An ID card or U.S. passport that  identifies  the  bearer  by  photograph  and signature is acceptable. ·   Obtain  the  addressee’s  or  authorized  agent’s signature on PS Form 3849 before delivering the article.   If a return receipt, PS Form 38ll or PS Form  2865,  is  attached  to  accountable  mail,  it must also be signed and dated by the addressee. The return receipt should be returned promptly to the sender. ·   Date and sign PS Form 3849 and file the form. PS Form 3849s are filed numerically by the last two digits of the identifying article number and retained  for  2  years.   The  forms  are  filed  in  a single file.  However, a separate file may be used for  forms  used  to  deliver  registered  articles  if there are a large number of forms to retain. Retention Period for Accountable Mail When  accountable  mail  has  not  been  called  for after 5 days (3 days for Express Mail) from initiating PS Form 3849, prepare a second PS Form 3849, and send the second notice to the addressee.  On the article next  to  the  first  endorsement,  annotate  the  date  the second notice was prepared.  If the article has not been called for after 10 days from the second notice (2 days for  Express  Mail),  you  should  verify  the  addressee’s status through the respective department or division. Based on the information received: ·   Endorse the article with the correct forwarding address  if  available,  or  endorse  it  with  the RETURN  TO  SENDER  stamp.    If  there  is  a return  receipt  attached  to  the  article,  ensure  it remains attached to the article. 9-6

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