Quantcast Documentation Requirements for Dispatching

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Foreign Air Carriers
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
DD Form 1372 (Mail Manifest)
to other ships operating with the aircraft carrier as part of the battle group. Command Mail Vehicles Military  postal  clerks  will  use  DD  Form  1372, Mail  Manifest,  or  OPNAV  Form  5110/9,  Mail Manifest,  when  dispatching  mail  locally.     A closed-body  vehicle  equipped  with  lockable  doors must be used to transport mail between postal activities or  carrier  facilities  on  or  off  the  installation.   If  the vehicle driver is not a designated postal clerk and has a key  or  combination  to  the  lock  used  to  secure  the vehicle, then a tin-band seal, Item 0817A, should be affixed to the secured doors.   This will maintain the integrity of the shipment.  If a designated postal clerk, serving as a mail guard, is accompanying the shipment, or the vehicle driver does not have access to the key or combination  to  the  lock,  then  a  tin-band  seal  is  not required.     But,  a  tin-band  seal  is  mandatory  if registered mail is being transported.  The seal number must  be  entered  on  the  mail  manifest  by  the dispatching activity. If an open-body vehicle is used, a guard must ride in the truck body with the mail.  This precaution is not required  in  those  situations  where  mail  is  being transported on pallets or in igloos.   In this case, the guard  may  ride  in  the  cab  of  the  truck,  but  must maintain  visual  contact  of  the  mail  at  all  times. Extreme care must be taken to make sure the vehicle doors close properly and that the doors do not open while in transit. Q9-43.   Give the definition of military mail. Q9-44.   What   are   the   three   specific   modes   of transportation  used  for  the  movement  of military mail to Navy postal activities? Q9-45.   Military mail transported between the United States  and  overseas  military  activities  is normally  transported  via  what  type  of  air carrier? Q9-46.   When  a  U.S.  commercial  airline  is  used  to transport mail, how should your dispatch be tendered? Q9-47.   What type(s) of mail must not be tendered on any foreign airline? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS FOR DISPATCHING Learning  Objective: D e t e r m i n e    t h e appropriate  manifest  to  use  to  transport  mail and the preparation requirements for each. This section is concerned with accounting for the mail.  You should always obtain a receipt for the mail you dispatch and give one for the mail you receive.  To do this, mail should be documented for shipment on PS Form 2942-A, Military Mail AV-7 Delivery List; DD Form   1372,   Mail   Manifest;   DD   Form   1384, Transportation  Control  and  Movement  Document (TCMD);  or  OPNAV  Form  5110/9  Mail  Manifest depending upon the transportation being used. PS FORM 2942-A (AV-7) Use this form to dispatch mail on any domestic or foreign  commercial  air  carrier.    Prepare  PS  Form 2942-A (see figure 9-16) neatly and legibly, using a ballpoint pen (black ink) typewriter, or by completing a computer-generated form.    When  military  mail  is  dispatched  to  and transported  solely  by  a  U.S.  commercial  air carrier or a single foreign-flag air carrier, prepare one PS Form 2942-A form set.    When  mail  is  transferred  between  a  U.S.  air carrier and a foreign-flag air carrier, or between two  U.S.  carriers,  prepare  sufficient  sets  of  PS Form 2942-A to allow each carrier five copies. PS Form 2942-A is a printed set of seven (7) sheets. You  must  provide  a  completed  original  and  four  (4) copies to the air carrier representative at the time of the dispatch.   Keep two legible copies of each completed AV-7. One will be retained in the dispatching activity’s files, the other will be sent to the Supervisor, IAMRU, Dulles IMF RM 255, 44715 Prentice DR, Dulles VA, 20101-9998, by First-Class USPS indicia mail, at the end of each day. The form breaks down mail into three categories: AIR,  MOM  (Military  Ordinary  Mail),  and  SAM (Space  Available  Mail). In  a  previous  lesson  you learned about the different categories of mail, but we didn’t cover Military Ordinary Mail.  MOM consists of official  mail  sent  by  military  departments,  mailed  at the  Standard  Mail  or  Periodicals  postage  rates,  that require faster than sealift transportation service to and from  the  United  States  and  between  overseas  points, 9-36

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