Quantcast Figure 11-1.—An example of OPNAV Form 5110/5.

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Postal Directory Functions
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 11-3.—An example of an OPNAV 5110/5 for a member who has departed.
number, mailing address, and, whenever possible, the individual’s previous mailing address. Personnel receiving mail for accompanying family members at their military address will list their family members  on  the  sponsor’s  directory  card.     If  an individual  has  family  members  with  a  different  last name, a separate card should be prepared and filed. This  card  should  be  cross-referenced  with  the sponsor’s card so it will be maintained in an identical manner.  A separate card should also be prepared and cross-referenced  for  individuals  who  have  a  name change. The postal directory file for individuals who have departed should include the date departed, purge date, forwarding address, and, if the address is a military unit, a projected reporting date (due-in date). If personnel are transferred for further assignment and their new permanent duty station is not known at the  time  of  transfer,  transferees  should  furnish  you with a nonmilitary address to which you can forward their mail until they arrive at their new duty station.  If this  is  not  possible,  the  change  of  address  card  is endorsed to indicate the activity to which reporting for further assignment, if known, and the person’s status; for  example,  “Transferred  to  (enter  the  name  of  the activity)  for  further  assignment.”   When  individuals report to their ultimate duty stations, they should send you  a  change  of  address  card  showing  their  new permanent address.  When you receive directory cards 11-2 AOf1101 NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS OPNAV 5110/5 (Rev 3-90) S/N 0107-LF-0092500 NAME (Last,  first,  middle) PISTOL, VERRY C. S-1 DIV USS UNDERWAY (CV-66) FPO AE 09561-0001 S-1 DIV USS NEVERSAIL (CG-10) FPO AE 09556-0001 SK1 888-88-8888 23 JUN 01 RANK/RATE DATE NEW ADDRESS (Consult SNDL for address) OLD ADDRESS (Attach mailing label for publisher) ESTIMATED REPORTING DATE DEPENDENT'S NAME (If applicable) Connie J. Marry L. Tom E. SIGNATURE ITEM YES NO MAGAZINES NEWSPAPER THIS SPACE FOR POSTAL CLERK *U.S.GPO: 1993-0-0704-079/80671 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMEBR INDIVIDUAL’S NAME GRADE ORGANIZATION DEPENDENTS PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: Authority:  Tile 39 USC and DOD/US Postal Service Agreement, 2 Feb 59 PRINCIPLE PURPOSES:  To route or forward (directory) mail. ROUTINE USES:  Use by military and civilian personnel in mail functions. Data are inspected by commanders, postal officers, and military and civilian inspectors. Disclosure is voluntary; however, failure to provide the requested information could result in inability to forward mail. FORWARD SECOND CLASS MATTER FOR 60 DAYS Figure 11-1.—An example of OPNAV Form 5110/5. AOf1102 Figure 11-2.—An example of a directory card file with alphabetical separators.

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