Quantcast Figure 2-5. An example of a Stamp Credit Receipt (PS Form 3369).

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Figure 2-4. An example of a DD Form 2260.
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 2-8. An example of a duplicate key envelope (PS Form 3977).
Postage  meter  accounts  (if  postage  meter equipment  assigned);  indicate  current  meter reading on reports and date and number of last meter report submitted.  Postage meters and the forms  required  for  meter  operations  will  be discussed in chapter 8. Physically  verify  all  capital  and  sensitive equipment  listed  on  the  command’s  PS  Form 1590  (Supply  and  Equipment  Receipt)  and physically verifying the location of post office keys.  This form will be covered in chapter 12. Audit reports (DD Form 2259, Report of Audit of Postal Accounts) must be reviewed and signed by the auditing  officers,  both  the  incoming  and  outgoing COPEs, and the commanding officer.   The incoming COPE must sign in the remarks section that he or she concurs with the results of the audit.  Audits and DD Form 2259 will be covered in chapter 14. The COPE and reserve custodian accounts must be exact. (NO TOLERANCE FOR THESE ACCOUNTS.)  The outgoing COPE must replace any shortage in the COPE account; any overage must be submitted (by U.S. Treasury check or No-Fee money order) to the NPFO San Diego. Indicate in the remarks section of the audit report that the overage has been submitted, check number, and amount. The   incoming   COPE   must   accomplish   the following: Prepare  PS  Form  3369,  Consigned  Credit Receipt,   in   triplicate,   for   the   command’s assigned fixed credit.  See figure 2-5. Change   safe   combinations. Put   new combinations in sealed envelopes and give to the commanding  officer  or  designated  official; obtain a receipt on a modified PS Form 1096, Cash Receipt.  See figure 2-6. Obtain  receipt  for  post  office  keys  not  in  the COPE’s   custody   (see   figure   2-7). The commanding officer or designated official must maintain duplicate keys in a sealed envelope, PS Form 3977, Duplicate Key Envelope (see figure 2-8). Prepare  PS  Form  1590  listing  all  capital  and sensitive equipment verified during audit. The  incoming  COPE  will  submit  to  NPFO  San Diego the following: Original and 1 copy of PS Form 3369. Copy  of  COPE’s  designation,  and  outgoing COPE’s termination on DD Form 2257. Any overages discovered during the audit (by U.S. Treasury check or No-Fee money order). Copy of COPE’s and Reserve Custodian’s audit reports (DD Form 2259). Original and 1 copy of PS Form 1590. Figure 2-5 is an example of a PS Form 3369.  Use instructions listed below to complete the form. Block  1:     Enter  the  name  and  rank  of  the  person receiving the fixed credit. Block 2:  Enter the command’s name and address. Block 3:  Check the applicable box. 2-6 PCf0205 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 Figure 2-5. An example of a Stamp Credit Receipt (PS Form 3369).

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