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Appendix 5 References Used to Develop the Traman
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Index, Continued - 14317_440
INDEX A Application and voucher for refund of postage and fees, 10-21 Appointment of official mail managers (OMMS), 13-2 Articles recovered after payment, 10-15 Auditing fixed and flexible credit accounts, 14-5 audit results, 14-5 auditing stamp vending machines (SVM), 14-9 disposition  of  DD  Form  2259  or  PS  Form  3294, 14-14 preparing DD Form 2259 for fixed credits, 14-6 preparing  PS  Form  3294  for  flexible  credit accounts, 14-10 recording audit results, 14-14 tolerance limits, 14-5 Audits, types of, 14-1 C Care and protection of stock and funds, 8-3 affixing stamps, 8-5 arrangement of stock, 8-4 selling stamps, 8-4 separating and delivering stamps, 8-4 Checklist for special services, 5-13 Checklist for special services, international, 6-22 Claim for indemnity—international registered, insured, and express mail, 10-15 Claims and inquiries, 10-1, 13-14 forms needed, 10-2 inquiries or complaints, 10-1 responding to mistreatment of mail, 10-2 Closing the registry section, 7-22 daily accountability, 7-23 registry cage, 7-25 Closures, 3-4 Adhesives, 3-4 banding, 3-4 markings, 3-5 stapling, 3-5 tape, 3-4 Consumer service card, 10-2 Cushioning, 3-4 Customs forms and procedures for international mail, 6-12 customs charges, 6-13 customs declarations, 6-12 Customs forms and procedures for international mailContinued PS Form 2976, 6-12 PS Form 2976-A, 6-12 PS Form 2976-E Envelope, 6-12 Custom procedures for domestic mail, 4-17 American goods returned, 4-21 attaching customs declarations, 4-21 bona fide gifts, 4-21 checklist for acceptance of domestic mail, 4-22 customs declarations, 4-17 items bearing a trademark or tradename, 4-22 personal property and household effects, 4-22 prepayment of customs duty abroad, 6-14 refusal or protest of customs charges by addressee, 6-14 D Definitions, 2-1, 9-1 mail clerk responsibilities, 9-1 mail orderly responsibilities, 9-1 Designations and terminations, 2-1 Disposition of USPS equipment and supplies, 12-23 Documentation requirements for dispatching, 9-36 PS Form 2942-A (AV-7), 9-36 DD Form 1372 (Mail Manifest), 9-37 DD Form 1384 (TCMD), 9-39 OPNAV FORM 5110/9, 9-41 Domestic claim or registered mail inquiry (PS Form 1000) (Indemnity Claim), 10-6 duplicate claims, 10-11 how to file a claim, 10-6 preparation of PS Form 1000, 10-19 process PS Form 1000, 10-11 time limits for filing, 10-6 where to file, 10-6 who may file, 10-6 Domestic mail, 4-1 introduction to, 4-1 E Entitlement to use military postal facilities, 1-17 authorized personnel, 1-18 emergency or special authorizations, 1-18 identification, 1-19 retired military personnel, 1-19 INDEX-1

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