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Index, Continued - 14317_440
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Index, Continued - 14317_442
Mail handling and transportation, 9-1 Mail logs and equipment, 9-13 incoming and outgoing mail logs, 9-13 mail transport equipment (MTE), 9-13 Mail Loss/Rifling Report (PS Form 1510), 10-3 preparation of PS Form 1510, 10-4 process PS Form 1510, 10-5 Mail packaging and acceptance, 3-1 Mail preparation, 3-1 Military inspections, 14-14 postal activity reporting system (PARS) information requirements, 14-20 postal assistance advisor, 14-21 reporting procedures, 14-21 vending  equipment  sales  and  service  (VESS) reports, 14-19 Military postal service, 1-1 mission and function, 1-1 nature of the military postal system, 1-1 types of mail and postal service, 1-3 USPS/DOD postal agreement, 1-2 Money orders, 8-25 Money order equipment, 8-31 money order imprinter, 8-31 security of money order imprinter, 8-32 Money order forms, 8-25 accounting for money order forms, 8-29 care in handling money order forms, 8-31 emergency requisitions, 8-27 money order invoice, 8-29 money order set, 8-25 money orders held by postal clerk, 8-29 receipt of money order forms, 8-27 requisitioning blank money order forms, 8-26 safeguarding money order forms, 8-31 Money order inquiry, 10-21 Money orders, issue of, 8-33 cashing money orders, 8-36 conditions for issuing “no fee” money orders, 8-34 identification, 8-36 issuing procedures, 8-33 money order cashing procedures, 8-36 money order fees, 8-33 signature requirements, 8-36 spoiled money orders, 8-34 spoiled or incorrectly prepared money orders, 8-34 transfer of money orders, 8-36 Money order reports, 8-39 disposition of money order items, 8-50 money order tapes, 8-39 other than ordinary money order reports, 8-46 PS Form 6019, 8-42 N Navy Official Mail Cost Control Program (NOMCCP), 13-1 appointment  of  official  mail  managers  (OMMS), 13-2 balloting materials, 13-5 direct accountability, 13-2 DOD official intratheater mail, 13-5 express mail, 13-5 military ordinary mail, 13-5 special mail services, 13-3 treatment of official mail, 13-3 USPS penalty mail, 13-5 Nonmailable matter, 3-11 O Official mail, 13-1 Ordering postal publications, 12-23 Outgoing mail, 9-15 P Parcel post, 6-10 packaging requirements, 6-11 parcel post restrictions, 6-10 parcel post service, 6-10 postage rates, 6-11 transportation of international mail, 6-12 weight and size limits, 6-11 Parcel search request, 10-13 Periodicals, 4-11 periodicals mailed by the general public, 4-11 what may be mailed at the periodicals rates, 4-11 Postage meters, 8-14 absence of operator, 8-21 defective postage meter machines, 8-25 issuing the meter, 8-18 meter registers, 8-18 operating the postage meter, 8-20 returning meters at the close of daily business, 8-23 safeguarding postage meters, 8-18 what is a postage meter, 8-14 Postage, obtaining and accounting for, 13-6 checklist, 13-11 computer-generated postage, 13-8 inspections, 13-11 postage metering systems, 13-11 postage meters, 13-11 postage stamps, 13-6 INDEX-3

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