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Index, Continued - 14317_442
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Index, Continued - 14317_444
Processing registered mail for dispatch, 7-8 dispatching  mail  directly  to  military  post  offices, 7-12 dispatching  mail  directly  to  U.S.  commercial  and military air carriers, 7-10 mail pouches and sacks, 7-8 numbered seal pouches, 7-8 registered outside pieces, 7-8 Processing incoming registered mail, 7-13 bill discrepancies, 7-16 delivery damaged registered articles, 7-18 delivery of registered mail to addressee, 7-18 irregularities in receipt, 7-14 processing upon receipt, 7-16 receipt of registered mail, 7-14 receipting for damaged registered mail, 7-15 reporting irregularities, 7-16 undeliverable registered mail, 7-18 Processing undeliverable-as-addressed mail, 11-7 addressee  not  authorized  military  post  office privileges, 11-17 directory mail returned from unit mailrooms, 11-19 express mail/first class mail, 11-8 mail for personnel confined, 11-17 periodicals, 11-10 perishable items, 11-19 standard mail (A) (bulk rate), 11-14 standard mail (B), 11-17 voting and balloting material, 11-17 R Receipting for mail, 9-41 air  carrier  irregularities  and  reporting  procedures, 9-46 air mobility command carriers, 9-47 PS Form 2759 for U.S. commercial carriers, 9-46 Receiving USPS postal supplies, 12-18 Registered mail, 5-1, 7-1 Registered mail system, 7-1 canceling stamps and applying endorsement, 7-5 computing postage and fees, 7-3 negotiable and nonnegotiable instruments, 7-1 postal insurance, 7-1 postmarking, 7-5 preparation by sender, 7-1 refunds and recalls, 7-5 registered mail receipt, 7-4 registration numbers, 7-3 what may be registered, 7-1 window envelopes, 7-2 Receipt of stock, 8-9 Registered mail processing, 7-5 confidential, 7-6 secret, 7-6 Report of rifled parcel, 10-13 Reports, inspections, and assessments, 14-3 annual and semiannual postal assessments, 14-3 daily reports, 14-3 quarterly  postal  activity  reporting  system  (PARS) report, 14-3 USPS four-week accounting period report, 14-3 weekly inspections, 14-3 Replenishment, 8-8 activity fixed credit, 8-8 individual fixed credit, 8-8 replenishment guidelines, 8-8 Registered mail, purpose of, 7-6 Restricted matter, 3-15 agriculture import requirements, 3-17 battery-powered devices, 3-15 firearms, 3-16 intoxicating liquors, 3-15 knives and sharp objects, 3-15 liquids and powders, 3-15 mail addressed to APOs and FPOs, 3-17 marking of parcels, 3-16 odd-shaped items in envelopes, 3-15 Rules and procedures, 3-12 general advice to mailers, 3-12 injurious articles, 3-12 mailer’s responsibility, 3-12 other nonmailable matter, 3-13 procedures for accepting clerks, 3-12 S Sender’s application for recall of mail, 10-15 Selection and designation of military post office personnel, 2-1 designation of custodian of postal effects, 2-4 designation of mail orderlies, 2-4 designation of military postal clerk, 2-1 designation of monies audit board members, 2-10 designation of postal officer, 2-9 designation  of  reserve  custodian  for  bulk  stamp stock, 2-9 blank money order forms, and money order audit and verification officer, 2-9 designation of temporary COPE, 2-8 Service Commitments, 1-3 customer information, 1-5 customer service, 1-4 INDEX-5

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