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Page Title: 14317_444
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Index, Continued - 14317_443
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Index, Continued - 14317_445
Shipboard and overseas MPOS, 9-9 articles found loose in the mails, 9-9 delivery of accountable mail, 9-10 delivery of incoming mail, 9-10 disposition of damaged mail, 9-10 general delivery service, 9-10 irregularities, 9-11 military  origin  destination  information  system (MODIS), 9-9 sorting incoming parcels, 9-10 sorting mail, 9-10 uncanceled stamps found loose in mail, 9-11 Special services, 5-1 registered mail, 5-1 Special services, international mail, 6-14 certificate of mailing, 6-15 insurance, 6-17 registry service, 6-17 return receipt, 6-18 restricted delivery, 6-20 recall/change of address, 6-20 special delivery, 6-20 special handling, 6-20 recorded delivery, 6-20 supplementary services (reply coupons), 6-21 Special services, other, 5-1 certificates of mailing, 5-6 certified mail, 5-1 insured mail, 5-2 numbered insured mail, 5-5 restricted delivery service, 5-12 returned receipt for merchandise, 5-11 returned receipt, 5-7 special handling, 5-5 unnumbered insured mail, 5-4 Sources of information, 1-11 Administrative Support Manual, 1-13 changes to publications, 1-17 Container Methods (HDBK PO-502), 1-14 Department of Defense Postal Manual, 1-12 Department of the Navy Postal Instruction, 1-12 Directives and Forms Catalog (PUB 223), 1-14 Distributing,   Dispatching   and   Transporting Military Mail by Air (HDBK T-7), 1-14 Domestic Mail Manual, 1-13 Express  Mail  Military  Service  (HDBK  PO-514), 1-15 Financial Management Regulation, 1-15 International Mail Manual, 1-13 National  five-digit  zip  code  and  post  office directory, 1-14 Navy Notices and Instructions, 1-15 Navy Postal Finance Office Handbook, 1-12 Postal Bulletins, 1-15 Postal Operations Manual, 1-14 Publication 52—Acceptance of Hazardous, 1-14 Restricted, or Perishable Matter, 1-14 Requisitioning Labels (HDBK PO-423), 1-14 Standard Navy Distribution List, 1-15 Supply and Equipment Catalog (PUB-247), 1-14 Supply storage, 12-18 monitoring supplies, 12-18 inventory control, 12-19 Size limits, 4-2 Special items, 12-19 facing slips and slide labels, 12-20 postmarking equipment (rubber and steel stamps), 12-20 preprinted tags and labels, 12-23 special order rubber stamps, 12-19 year type, 12-20 Stamp requisitions, 8-9 Parcel Airlift (PAL), 4-15 Space Available Mail (SAM), 4-14 special standard mail, 4-15 standard mail (B), 4-12 Standard mail, 4-12 library mail, 4-16 Standard operating procedures and postal operating plan, 14-31 postal operating plan, 14-31 standard operating procedures, 14-31 Steps for processing postal union and parcel post articles, 6-22 T Transportation of military mail, 9-34 funding for military mail transportation, 9-34 types of transportation methods, 9-34 Treatment of incoming international mail, 9-13 insured parcels, 9-13 return receipts, 9-13 special delivery, 9-13 Termination of military post office personnel designations, 2-12 Termination of COPE designation, 2-12 Termination of mail orderly’s designation, 2-12 Termination of MPC Designation, 2-12 Training, 1-11 U Unauthorized transactions, 8-5 Unit mailroom operations and mail orderly service, 9-2 delivery of official accountable mail, 9-4 INDEX-6

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