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Written, Printed, or Graphic Matter
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Restricted Matter
friction  (rubbing  together).    Flammable  solids  may only be accepted in the domestic surface mail.  They are   not   acceptable   for   air   transportation   or international mail. For  current  instructions  on  mailing  flammable materials,  refer  to  Module  C  of  the  DMM  or  USPS Publication 52. MATCHES Strike-anywhere matches may not be mailed under any  conditions.    Safety  matches  (book,  card,  or strike-on-box)  may  be  mailed  in  the  domestic  mail under certain conditions.  Generally they must be of a type that will not ignite spontaneously.  Matches of all types may not be mailed to, from, or between military post offices or in the international mail. TOXIC SUBSTANCES USPS  regulations  define  a  toxic  substance  as  a poisonous material, other than gas, that is known to be so toxic to humans as to cause death, injury, or harm to human health if swallowed, inhaled, or contacted by skin. Toxic  substances  or  poisons  are  prohibited  in international mail.  For domestic mail refer to Module C of the DMM for packaging and mailing conditions. CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES A  controlled  substance  is  any  anabolic  steroid, narcotic, hallucinogenic, stimulant, or depressant drug in schedules I through V of the Controlled Substance Act.    Narcotic  drugs  include  opium,  cocaine  and opiates,  and  drugs  made  from  them  (heroin  and morphine).  Controlled substances, by reason of their addictive  nature,  have  been  declared  as  articles, compositions,  or  materials  that  may  kill  or  injure another. If  distribution  of  a  controlled  substance  is considered lawful under the Controlled Substance Act, refer to Module C of the DMM for mailing conditions. Q3-20.   Whose responsibility is it to ensure that items and substances prohibited by postal laws and regulations are not mailed? Q3-21.   Define the term injurious article. Q3-22.   What is the general rule concerning injurious articles  being  mailed  to,  from,  or  between military post offices? Q3-23.   Under   no   circumstances   may   injurious articles  ever  be  inserted  into  the  USPS  or MPS mail system.   (True/False).   Explain. Q3-24.   Under  what  special  conditions,  if  any,  may strike-anywhere   matches   be   mailed   to   an MPO or foreign country? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. MAIL BOMBS Learning  Objective:  Recognize   the characteristics   of   and   the   procedures   for handling mail bombs. Because  of  an  increase  of  worldwide  terrorist activities today, we must not laugh at the myth of mail bombs.   You, as an MPC, could be in the position to determine what to do in a crisis situation to increase awareness  and  also  to  give  some  guidance  in identifying suspected mail bombs.   The information listed below could help you deal with this situation. Keep in mind that a bomb can be enclosed in either a parcel or an envelope. There is not a set pattern of the outward appearance of the parcel or envelope.   The form of a letter bomb is limited only by the imagination of the sender.   Mail bombs will usually have unique characteristics, some of which are listed below: Mail bombs may bear restricted endorsements such as PERSONAL or PRIVATE. The  addressee’s  name  and/or  title  may  be inaccurate. Mail bombs may reflect distorted handwriting or the  name  and  address  may  be  prepared  with homemade labels or cut-and-paste lettering. Mail  bombs  may  have  protruding  wires, aluminum foil, or oil stains visible and may emit a peculiar odor. Mail bombs may have an excessive amount of postage stamps affixed. Letter-type  bombs  may  feel  rigid  or  appear uneven or lopsided. Parcel  bombs  may  be  unprofessionally wrapped  with  several  combinations  of  tape used to secure the package and may be endorsed 3-14

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