Quantcast Mail for Decommissioned Ships and Disestablished Stations

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Casualty Mail
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Chapter 12 Postal Equipment and Supplies
(MRC) for your area.  Unendorsed Standard Mail (A) articles  are  disposed  of  as  waste.    The  complete addresses for the MRCs can be found in chapter 6 of the POM (see table 11-6). MAIL FOR DECOMMISSIONED SHIPS AND DISESTABLISHED STATIONS The  administrative  commander  for  ships  and mobile  units  and  the  CNO  area  coordinator  or  area commander     for     other     disestablished     or decommissioned activities will designate an activity to perform  directory  service  for  mail  received  for  the decommissioned  unit.     Directory  service  will  be performed by the designated command for a period of 60  days  after  decommissioning.    During  this  time personal  mail  will  be  forwarded  and  official  mail screened  for  necessary  action  or  other  appropriate disposition.    Mail  received  after  expiration  of  the 60-day period will be returned to the sender endorsed to show the activity was decommissioned. There is an exception.  After the expiration of the 60-day  forwarding  period,  obvious  value  supply parcels  addressed  to  decommissioned  units  should continue   to   be   forwarded   to   the   appropriate commander for disposition pending publication of the decommissioning.  The command listings are deleted in serial changes to the SNDL. Obvious supply parcels received at the JMPAs subsequent to publication in the SNDL  will  be  returned  to  the  mailer  endorsed  to indicate that the unit has been decommissioned. In no case may official mail addressed to a United States ship be forwarded unopened to the new title of that ship when it has been stricken from the Navy List and  transferred  to  a  foreign  government  or  to  the Merchant Marine service. Personnel assigned as MPCs, mail orderlies, or to other positions where their duties involve the receipt and delivery of unopened mails normally are not assigned to duties involving opening and screening of official mail. Commanding officers of ships and activities being decommissioned  or  placed  in  the  reserve  fleet  must furnish  the  activity  designated  to  provide  directory service  with  a  complete  directory  of  officers  and enlisted personnel.  This directory must show the new duty  station  of  each  crewmember,  or,  in  the  case  of personnel  separated  from  the  service,  the  forwarding address  furnished  by  the  individual.   The  designated activity should destroy this directory information upon completion of the 60-day forwarding period. The command being disestablished should inform the appropriate mail-routing authority or postmaster of the date desired for routing of mail to the unit that will provide directory service for the decommissioned unit. Q11-16. List  the  three  endorsements  that  should NEVER be placed on casualty mail. Q11-17.  Directory mail service for a decommissioned ship   will   be   performed   by   a   designated activity for what period of time? Now turn to appendix I to check your answers. 11-26 FPO AE addresses send dead mail to: ST PAUL MAIL RECOVERY CENTER US POSTAL SERVICE 180 KELLOGG BLVD E ST PAUL MN 55101-9609 FPO AA addresses send dead mail to: ATLANTA MAIL RECOVERY CENTER US POSTAL SERVICE 5345 FULTON INDUSTRIAL BLVD ATLANTA GA 30336-9590 FPO AP addresses send dead mail to: SAN FRANCISCO MAIL RECOVERY CENTER US POSTAL SERVICE 390 MAIN ST SAN FRANCISCO CA 94105-9602 Do not send IDS articles to the addresses given above.  Each theater of operation has a designated Dead Mail section where these articles are sent. Table 11-6.—Addresses for Mail Recovery Centers

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