Quantcast Mail on Hand/Dispatch Report

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Postal Messages
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 14-13.—An example of a Mail on Hand/Dispatch Report.
offices do not need to follow a specific format.  They should just say what has to be said, giving the facts of the incident and the action taken or recommended (see figure 14-12).   Distribution of PNAs should be on a need-to-know basis only.  If a command is not affected by the incident, or has no need to know, do not list it on the info line of the message. The PNA is a tool that is encouraged to be used by all postal managers when needed.  It should be used to report  intra-theater  mail  problems  in  addition  to concerns on mail moving to and from CONUS. Do not include the JMPAs or MPSA as addressees when the information is of distinct local interest only. Your PNA distribution should only include the serving JMPA or MPSA if it concerns mail moving to or from CONUS. MAIL ON HAND/DISPATCH REPORT Daily mail on hand/dispatch reports are required from  all  ships  and  shore  activities  holding  mail  for other units.   The first section of the report shows the amount of mail on hand and for which unit, while the final  section  shows  mail  that  was  delivered  or dispatched since the last report.  Ships functioning as Passenger  Mail  Cargo  Coordinator  (PMCC)  should show any mail received for ships not present with the battle group. Mail on hand/dispatch reports permit commands to  monitor  mail  flow  and  to  provide  special  routing instructions when necessary.   Mail on hand/dispatch reports  are  sent  in  message  format  with  PRIORITY precedence (see figure 14-13). MAIL ROUTING INSTRUCTION (MRI) The routing and dispatching of Navy mail for units operating  out  of  their  home  ports  or  when  they  are deployed overseas is carried out by responsible mail routing activities using information provided to them by each unit in the form of MRIs. The responsibility for submitting MRIs lies with the ship or other mobile unit’s commanding officer; however,  generally  the  command  postal  clerk  will provide  a  draft  of  the  message  for  approval  by  the postal officer.  MRIs are submitted to the appropriate JMPA and area mail coordinators as designated by the appropriate FLTCINC. 14-25 UNCLASSIFIED FM:  FMC DET ROME IT TO:  USS UNDERWAY INFO:  CDR JT MIL POSTAL ACTY ATL NEW YORK NY//MPSA-NY-MR// MEDMAIL COORD NAPLES IT//N401B// COMNAVSUPSYSCOM MECHANICSBURG PA//SUP54// UNCLAS//N05110// MSGID/GENADMIN/FMC DET ROME IT// SUBJ/POSTAL NET ALERT// RMKS/ 1.  ORIG HAS RECEIVED WORD OF POSSIBLE CRASH CREW STRIKE AT ROME’S INTL AIRPORT ON 10 MAR 01.  IF STRIKE GOES INTO EFFECT IT WILL CAUSE AN APPROX 12-HOUR DELAY OF RETROGRADE MAIL. 2.  WILL ADVISE BY SEPARATE MSG IF STRIKE CONTINUES PAST 12 HOURS.// UNCLASSIFIED Figure 14-12.—An example of a postal net alert (PNA) message.

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