Quantcast Obtaining and Accounting for Postage

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Express Mail - 14317_339
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Daily Stamp Usage Worksheet
Ships and embarked mobile units deployed within a  particular  theater  (for  example,  Pacific,  European, and North Atlantic) are eligible to use this service for the  duration  of  their  stay.     Items  that  become undeliverable for ships that have departed for CONUS must not be forwarded for delivery through the USPS but should be returned to the sender. All privileges, requirements, and priorities applicable to items in the MPS apply to DOD Official Intra-Theater Mail.  This includes protection and security against theft and  depredation,  adherence  to  service  standards, protection  from  unauthorized  search  and  seizure procedures, and compliance with customs requirements. Q13-1. What is the definition of official mail? Q13-2. What  is  the  overall  goal  of  the  Navy  official mail cost control program? Q13-3. A  command  OMM  must  be  an  active  duty military or DOD civilian of what grade? Q13-4. Official   mail   exceeding   First-Class   Mail weight  limits  with  no  endorsements  must  be treated as what class of mail? Q13-5. Under  what  circumstances  may  official  mail be sent as Express Mail? Q13-6. Balloting material is printed in what color for easy identification? Q13-7. What is the name of official mail used by the USPS? Q13-8. When would your MPO use USPS penalty mail? Q13-9. When   will   USPS   penalty   mail   also   have postage applied? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. OBTAINING AND ACCOUNTING FOR POSTAGE Learning  Objective:   Recall  the  procedures for   obtaining   postage   stamps,   computer- generated  postage,  and  postage  meters;  and their accounting procedures. The size of your unit or command will determine the  type  of  postage  used  (postage  stamps  or computer-generated  postage,  or  postage  meter machine) and the type of accounting procedures you will  use.    If  you  are  assigned  aboard  a  CVN,  your command will probably have a postage meter with a small amount of postage stamps for back up if only one meter is onboard.  If you are assigned aboard a DDG, your command will probably use postage stamps or computer-generated postage for all official mailings. POSTAGE STAMPS Postage stamps are used by small volume mailers throughout  the  Navy.    Small  volume  mailers  most likely have an outgoing official mail volume too low to justify having postage metering equipment. Shore activities without a second (backup) postage metering  system  may  maintain  a  10-day  emergency supply of postage stamps.   The emergency supply of stamps  is  used  when  metering  equipment  is  not operational. Deployable units may maintain a 30-day stock of postage stamps for use when deployed to areas without metering equipment.  Small volume mailers must not exceed  a  90-day  supply  of  postage  stamps.     The command OMM must closely control postage stamps. Stamp requisitions are submitted on PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition, to the serving MPO or civilian post office   by   the   command   OMM.     Only   those denominations  necessary  to  conduct  official  mail business should be ordered.   Check all arithmetic to make  certain  PS  Form  17  is  correct  and  ensure  all entries are legible on all copies of the form. The command OMM is responsible for ensuring the command has enough postage for official mailings. The procedure for obtaining funds to purchase postage stamps is as follows:    The OMM and one alternate will file a Signature Card, DD Form 577 (see figure 13-4) with the command  disbursing  officer.     This  card authorizes  the  OMM  to  accept  checks  made payable to the applicable postmaster.    The OMM prepares Standard Form 1034, Public Voucher for Purchase and Services Other Than Personal, (see figure 13-5) and submits it to the comptroller.   This  form  describes  in  detail  the postal services to be procured.    The  disbursing  officer  will  prepare  a  Treasury check made payable to the applicable postmaster.    The  OMM  or  alternate  picks  up  the  Treasury check  from  the  disbursing  officer,  mails  or delivers it to the serving post office, and obtains a 13-6

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