Quantcast Prepayment of Customs Duty Abroad

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Page Title: Prepayment of Customs Duty Abroad
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Customs Charges
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Certificate of Mailing
CTUS and return the form to the issuing customs office as indicated on each customs form. Articles  with  customs  duty  assessed  will  arrive endorsed to show the amount to be collected, and CF 3419-A, Mail Entry Customs, will be attached.   The USPS assesses a fee that will be included within the total amount charged. Notify the addressee of the assessed customs duty by  preparing  PS  Form  3849  (Delivery  Notice/ Receipt),  see  figure  6-8.  Customs  duty  is  collected when  delivery  is  made.  Obtain  the  addressee’s signature on the original CF 3419-A as well as on PS Form  3849  if  the  article  is  registered,  certified, numbered insured, or Express Mail. Custom duties collected must be exchanged for a USPS money order, fee payable by addressee, made payable  to  the  appropriate  accountable  postmaster, (Postmaster,   New   York   or   Postmaster,   San Francisco).  Customs collections should be reported on  PS  Form  6019  (modified)  prepared  in  duplicate (see figure 6-9). All  copies  of  the  report  will  be  signed  by  the person preparing the form and verified and signed by the  COPE,  MPO  supervisor,  reserve  custodian,  or postal  officer.    The  original  PS  Form  6019,  CF 3419-A, associated tapes (if any), and a USPS money order  should  be  forwarded  by  First-Class  USPS indicia  mail  to  the  Postmaster,  New  York  for  East Coast  units,  and  NPFO  San  Diego  for  West  Coast units.  The duplicate of the report should be retained in the MPO files. At  domestic  shore  stations,  parcels  containing articles that were assessed customs duties are held at a civilian  post  office.    The  postmaster  notifies  the addressees, who must call at the post office and pay the duty before the parcels are delivered. PREPAYMENT OF CUSTOMS DUTY ABROAD There are no provisions made for the prepayment abroad  of  customs  charges  on  mail  addressed  for delivery in the United States. If  postal  patrons  desire  information  concerning rates of duty or other customs procedures, they should contact the nearest customs office or the COMMIS- SIONER OF CUSTOMS, U.S. CUSTOMS SERVICE, U.S.  DEPARTMENT  OF  THE  TREASURY,  1301 CONSTITUTION  AVE  NW,  WASHINGTON  DC 20229-0001. REFUSAL OR PROTEST OF CUSTOMS CHARGES BY ADDRESSEE If  the  addressee  in  CONUS  refuses  to  pay  the customs  duty,  the  parcel  should  be  returned  to  the sender along with both copies of CF 3419-A.   If the parcel was mailed from an MPO located overseas, and returned  to  the  mailer  at  the  oversees  address,  the serving MPO removes the CF 3419-Aand endorses the parcel DELIVERED OUTSIDE THE CTUS.  NOTE: Before giving the parcel back to the mailer, make sure a record is made that the article was returned to sender (RTS) for future inquiries of CF 3419-A.  If the article was  mailed  aboard  a  U.S.  ship  or  mobile  unit  that receives the returned parcel as the ship or mobile unit returns to CONUS, the customs duty must be paid by the mailer before delivery.  If the mailer refuses, return the  parcel  and  CF  3419-A,  endorsed  REFUSED  to your  servicing  USPS  mail  recovery  center.    If  the customer wishes to protest customs charges, refer to the instructions on the reverse side of CF 3419-A and IMM, part 713. Q6-20.   If  an  article  is  assessed  customs  duty,  what customs form will be attached? Q6-21.   To  what  office  is  the  remittance  of  customs duty collected sent? Q6-22.   Customs duty collected is reported on what PS form? Q6-23.   What provisions, if any, are made to prepay customs   duty   in   advance   at   an   overseas MPO? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. SPECIAL SERVICES Learning  Objective: Recall   the   special services available for international mail and the   classes   of   mail   for   which   they   are available. In this section we will describe the special services that  are  available  for  international  mail.    Special services  that  are  available  for  international  mail  are basically equal to those available for domestic mail. 6-14

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