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Registered Mail Receipt
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
CANCELING STAMPS AND APPLYING ENDORSEMENT After you have completed the receipt, collect the required amount for the postage and fee(s). If ordinary stamps are used, have the customer place the stamps in the upper-right corner of the article. Give the customer the original of the PS Form 3806 and keep the duplicate for your post office files. Apply the PS Label 200 to the address  side  between  the  return  address  and  the postage for domestic mail and in the lower-left corner of the address side for international mail.  Cancel the stamps using the APDS. POSTMARKING One of the most important reasons for registering mail  is  to  provide  security  against  unauthorized opening of letters or parcels.   This is why you must stamp postmarks with the APDS on each sealed side of a registered article in such a way that an unauthorized opening  would  disturb  the  postmarks,  thereby providing evidence that it has occurred. Postmarks are placed on letters TWICE on the back at the crossing of the upper and lower flaps.   When a return receipt is attached to the back, postmark partially on the receipt and partially on the flaps of the letter. Postmark parcels in all places where the tape or flaps intersect.   When parcels  are  sealed  with  paper  tape,  postmark  across opposite sides of the strips.  Use additional postmarks if this would make rifling more difficult. REFUNDS AND RECALLS The mailer may withdraw or recall registered mail without charge before its delivery under the following conditions:    By writing on the receipt, “Withdrawn Before Dispatch,”  and  signing  and  surrendering  the receipt.    By  filing  a  written  request  for  its  return  after dispatch at the post office where the article was mailed,  giving  names  and  addresses  of  mailer and addressee, the registry number, and date of mailing.  The mailer must pay for faxes sent or long-distance telephone calls made to locate the article. If remailed, the article must be under a new cover and bear new postage and fees. Registration fees should not be refunded after the mail is accepted.  Return receipt or restricted delivery fees should be refunded only when failure to furnish a return receipt or to give restricted delivery was the fault of the USPS.  Receipts for fees must be submitted with requests for refunds. Q7-1. What are three valid reasons for refusing to register an article for a customer? Q7-2. What  factor  determines  the  registration  fee charged for a piece of registered mail? Q7-3. What  is  the  maximum  amount  of  indemnity that may be claimed for registered mail? Q7-4. Define   negotiable   and   nonnegotiable instruments. Q7-5. As a military postal clerk, you are expected to assist the postal customer in the preparation or    sealing    of    mail    to    be    registered. (True/False)   Explain. Q7-6. One   of   the   most   important   reasons   for registering mail is to provide security against unauthorized  opening  of  letters  or  parcels. (True/False) Q7-7. Name   two   types   of   tapes   that   are   not acceptable  for  the  sealing  of  items  presented as registered mail. Q7-8. During what stage of the registration process is the article considered to be registered? Q7-9. What method is used to mark registered items that   provides   evidence   of   unauthorized opening? Q7-10.   At least how many times and in what locations are postmarks placed on the back of letters? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. REGISTERED MAIL PROCESSING Learning Objective:  Recall the definitions and   handling   guidelines   for   classified material   authorized   to   be   sent   as   official registered mail. Now  that  we  have  discussed  the  criteria  for accepting registered mail, let’s look at the processing and handling aspects starting with classified material sent by command official mail. 7-5

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