Quantcast Steps for Processing Postal Union and Parcel Post Articles

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Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Table 6-1. Checklist for Special Services.
PS  Form  2976  Customs  Form.    Endorse  the  article LETTER or LETTRE. POSTAL/POST CARDS (IMM 230, Section 231.1):  If Airmail, refer to Subsection 234.21 of the IMM. AEROGRAMMES  (IMM  230,  Section  231.2): Contains specific information on aerogrammes. REGULAR  PRINTED  MATTER  (IMM  240, Subsection 241.21):  Newspapers/Magazines weighing 4 lbs. or less to Canada and Ireland, 11 lbs. or less to all other countries.   If over weight or size limit, mail as Parcel Post.   If airmail, refer to Section 145.3 of the IMM.    Use  PS  Form  2976  Customs  form.    Endorse article PRINTED MATTER. BOOKS and SHEET MUSIC (IMM 240, Subsection 241.22):  Books or Sheet Music weighing 4 lbs. or less to  Canada  and  Ireland,  11  lbs.  or  less  to  all  other countries.   If over weight or size limit, mail as Parcel Post. If airmail, refer to Section 145.3 of the IMM. Use PS  Form  2976  Customs  form.    Endorse  article(s) PRINTED   MATTER-BOOKS   or   PRINTED MATTER-SHEET MUSIC. PUBLISHER’S   PERIODICALS   (IMM   240, Subsection 241.23):  Publisher’s periodicals mailed as printed matter can weigh up to 30 lbs. to Canada, 4 lbs. to Ireland, and 11 lbs. to all other countries.   If over weight or size limit, mail as Parcel Post. If airmail, refer to Section 145.3 of the IMM.   Use PS Form 2976 for articles  known  to  be  dutiable  in  the  country  of destination. Endorse    article    PRINTED MATTER-PERIODICALS. SMALL PACKET (IMM  260):   Merchandise  which, depending upon the country, can weigh up to 1 lb., 2 lbs., or 4 lbs.  If over weight or size limit for a particular country,  mail  as  Parcel  Post.    If  airmail,  refer  to Subsection  264.22  of  the  IMM.   Use  PS  Form  2976 Customs form.  Endorse article SMALL PACKET. PARCEL POST (IMM 270): The only class of mail that may be INSURED.  Use Parcel Post when the article is over the weight or size limit for Small Packet or Printed Matter.  Also, Parcel Post may be the cheaper rate when special services cannot be given for Postal Union.   If airmail, refer to Section 274.2 of the IMM.  Refer to the individual country listing and Section 123 of the IMM for the correct Customs form. Based  on  the  contents  of  the  article,  size  and weight  limitations,  mailing  restrictions  and  special services  requested,  use  the  following  chart  to determine the category of mailing: STEPS FOR PROCESSING POSTAL UNION AND PARCEL POST ARTICLES 1.   Read   Prohibitions,   Restrictions,   and Observations for mailing. 2.   Check  article’s  contents  and  determine  if  the class  of  matter  is  letter  only  or  with  merchandise, merchandise  only,  regular  printed  matter,  or  printed matter books. 3.   Check the article’s weight and size to determine if it is within the limits for the class of mail you are going to use. 4.   Check  the  special  services  requested.    Some services  might  not  be  available  to  all  international countries. POSTAL  UNION  MAIL:    Length  +  Width  + Height  (Thickness)  DON’T  double  the  Width  or Height. PARCEL POST MAIL:  Length + Girth or Length + Width x 2 + Height x 2 (This is the Girth). CHECKLIST FOR SPECIAL SERVICES The following information is provided for assisting you  in  understanding  the  procedures  for  handling International special services. See table 6-1 (next page). 6-22 LETTER MERCHANDISE Letter Ltr Pkg Letter Package Small Packet Parcel Post PRINTED MATTER PRINTED MATTER BOOKS Printed Matter Parcel Post Printed Matter Books Parcel Post

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