Quantcast Termination of Military Post Office Personnel Designations

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Figure 2-12. Sample of a monies audit board designation letter.
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 2-13. DD Form 2257, Termination of COPE Designation.
Q2-11.   Monthly audits of the command’s fixed credit account  are  conducted  by  what  command organization? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. TERMINATION OF MILITARY POST OFFICE PERSONNEL DESIGNATIONS Learning Objective: Recall the procedures for  removing  designations  of  military  post office personnel. The termination of MPO personnel designations is required for a wide variety of reasons.   The type of designation  and  reason  for  a  person’s  removal  from postal duties also determines the process required for completing the termination.  We will discuss some of the  reasons  for  terminating  designations  and  the procedures for completing the termination forms in the following paragraphs. TERMINATION OF MPC DESIGNATION As we discussed at the beginning of this chapter, a military  postal  clerk’s  designation  remains  in  effect during their entire career.  Below are some reasons for terminating MPC designations: Discharge from military service. Change of rating. Convicted of a crime, such as theft or an offense of moral turpitude. Relieved  from  postal  duties  for  cause,  for example, loss of postal effects through fraud or intent to defraud, negligence, mismanagement, or other serious irregularities. Consistent  overages  or  shortages  in  account audits in excess of tolerance. Failure by the member to show required progress in  training  programs  established  by  their military service or command. Procedures,  authority  for,  and  distribution  of termination actions are the same as for designations. The original DD Form 2257 is maintained in the MPO files for 2 years from the termination date (see figure 2-13),  and  the  member’s  DD  Form  285  must  be voided,  and  maintained  on  file  for  two  years  (see figure 2-14). Military  or  civilian  personnel,  who  are  relieved for negative reasons provided in paragraph l above, will  not  be  considered  eligible  for  further  postal assignments or positions. Commanders relieving such personnel  from  postal  duties  must  coordinate  this action  with  personnel  offices  to  ensure  personnel records   are   properly   annotated   to   prevent reassignment to postal duties. A  person  whose  designation  is  terminated  must cease all postal duties by the effective date of revocation. TERMINATION OF COPE DESIGNATION When it becomes necessary to terminate a COPE’s designation  (relief  is  present),  the  termination procedures  are  the  same  as  the  procedures  for designating a new COPE. If  it  becomes  necessary  to  terminate  a  COPE’s designation  and  no  qualified  relief  is  immediately available to continue operation of the post office, the postal effects and funds must be placed in the custody of a commissioned or warrant officer designated by the  responsible  commander  (normally  the  reserve custodian).     In  addition,  operations  should  be suspended until a designated replacement is on board. If possible, give the COPE being relieved receipts to document  the  transfer.    DOD  4525.6M  Volume  I, chapter  1,  explains  procedures  for  suspending operation of an MPO. Figure 2-13 illustrates a termination on a DD Form 2257.   Use instructions listed below to complete the process. Block 1.  Enter the date the designation is terminated. Block 2.  Enter the reason for termination and effective date. Block 3.  Type or print name of terminating official. Block 4.  Enter the terminating official’s paygrade. Block 5.  Signature of terminating official. Block 6.  Enter the terminating official’s duty title. TERMINATION OF MAIL ORDERLY’S DESIGNATION When  it  becomes  necessary  to  terminate  a  mail orderly’s designation (transfer, dereliction of duties, 2-12

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