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Rules and Procedures
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Mail Bombs - 14317_60
before  accepting  or  refusing  the  article.    Harmful matter includes the following: All kinds of poison including narcotic drugs All  poisonous  animals,  poisonous  insects (except  scorpions),  poisonous  reptiles,  and  all kinds of snakes All disease germs Acids, alkalis, and oxidizers Highly flammable liquids, gases, or solids Ammunition and fireworks Radioactive materials Articles emitting obnoxious odors OTHER NONMAILABLE MATTER Matter  is  also  nonmailable  if  it  cannot  be forwarded  to  its  destination  because  the  address  is illegible, incorrect, or insufficient. Also,  articles  may  be  nonmailable  because  they fail  to  comply  with  postal  regulations  in  regard  to preparation, classification, rate of postage, size, and weight. WRITTEN, PRINTED, OR GRAPHIC MATTER Learning Objective: R e c o g n i z e nonmailable   written,   printed,   or   graphic material. While certain written, printed, or graphic matter has been declared nonmailable, military postal clerks may not exclude such matter from the mails. If a patron presents written matter for mailing and you suspect it to be nonmailable because of content, you should call to the attention of the mailer, the applicable module of the DMM.  If, after you have done this, the mailer still insists that the article be accepted, accept it.  Events of this nature should be reported to your supervisor or postal officer.  The following is a list of nonmailable written and printed matter that you may encounter as a military postal clerk.  Refer to Module C of the DMM for additional information: Nonmailable matter includes but is not limited to: Lottery matter Solicitations  or  inducements  for  mailing harmful   matter,   radioactive   material, switchblade knives, or intoxicating liquor Copyright violations Lewd or filthy matter Libelous matter Matter  relating  to  national  or  international defense HAZARDOUS MATTER Learning Objective: Determine mailability of hazardous matter. Items that have been classified as hazardous matter include,  in  general  terms,  chemicals,  explosives, flammable materials, matches, poisons, and controlled substances.  Whether these items are acceptable at all, or only under certain conditions, depends upon several factors such as the following: Type of container and capacity Proper packaging Method of absorbing and containing the product in case of accidental leakage Flash point Irritant action to eyes and skin Explosives of all kinds are nonmailable. FLAMMABLE MATERIALS Flammable liquid is prohibited in the international mail.   Flammable  liquid  with  a  flash  point  between 20°F  or  l00°F  is  acceptable  for  domestic  surface transportation  when  it  meets  the  container requirements in Module C of the DMM. Combustible  liquids  are  prohibited  in  the international  mail.    Combustible  liquids  may  be accepted  for  domestic  surface  or  air  transportation when the requirements in Module C of the DMM are met. A flammable solid is any material, other than one classified as an explosive, that may cause fires through 3-13

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