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Page Title: Insurance
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INSURANCE A  mailer  may  purchase  insurance  coverage  for parcels  that  may  become  lost,  damaged,  or  rifled. Insurance coverage is available only for parcel post and  only  to  certain  countries.     To  determine  if insurance service is available to a particular country, refer to the Special Services section of the Individual Country Listings of the IMM. Insurance Limits The maximum amount for which a parcel may be insured  varies  from  country  to  country.    Maximum amounts for which a parcel may be insured are listed in the Special Services section of the Individual Country Listings of the IMM. A parcel  may  not  be  insured  for  more  than  the declared  value  of  the  contents  or  for  more  than  the maximum amount of coverage listed for the country of address.  However, the mailer may insure a parcel for only part of the value of the contents, in which case only the fee covering the amount of insurance should be charged. Preparation of Insured Parcels The  general  provisions  for  the  preparation  of ordinary  parcels  apply  also  to  insured  parcels.    All international insured parcels must be sealed. Insurance Receipt When you accept international mail and the mailer requests insurance, you must always issue a receipt. Since  each  international  insured  parcel  must  be assigned  a  number,  PS  Form  3813-P,  Receipt  for Insured  Mail,  Domestic-International,  is  used.    PS Form 3813-P is completed just as it is for domestic mail (refer to chapter 4).  The insured receipt provides proof of insurance coverage, evidence of mailing, and proof of payment of the applicable insurance fee. When you have completed the receipt, advise the mailer to enter the name and address of the addressee on the back of the receipt. The mailer keeps the receipt in case there is a need to initiate an inquiry or file a claim concerning the parcel at a later date. Markings Once you have completed calculating postage and fees, you must: Tear off the numbered insurance label (PS Form 3813-P)  and  affix  it  to  the  parcel  close  to  the address. Indicate on the parcel the amount for which the parcel is insured. This amount must be written in ink and expressed in U.S. currency (figures) and special drawing rights (SDR) values. To convert U.S.  currency  into  SDR  equivalents,  multiply the U.S. amount (rounded to the next full dollar) by the conversion rate, currently .7286. Indicate SDR values in figures only.  See figure 6-10 for an example.  Always refer to Exhibit 324.22 of the IMM for the current table to convert U.S. dollars to special drawing rights. Enter the insured number, insured amount, and SDR equivalent on the PS Form 2976-A. NOTE:   In addition to the above markings, Section 324.3 of the IMM requires that parcels sent as insured mail be postmarked at all breaks (cuts or torn edges) of  any  gummed-paper  strips  used  in  sealing  the parcel. REGISTRY SERVICE Registry service, as you know from chapter 5, is offered to postal customers for additional protection and  security.    A record  of  acceptance  is  kept  at  the office of mailing, and the addressee or an authorized agent at the office of delivery must sign for registered articles. Availability and Limits of Insurance Registry service is available to most countries for all  postal  union  mail.     Registry  service  is  NOT available for parcel post packages. Indemnity for loss, damage, or rifling is $40.45, except for Canada where the indemnity limit is $1,000. If  the  mailings  contain  banknotes  (cash),  they  are subject to a $200 indemnity limit. Preparation for Mailing Mailers  must  securely  seal  letters  and  letter packages that are presented for registration.  If wax or 6-17 INSURED VALUE $100.00 (U.S.) 72.86 SDR Figure 6-10. An example of U.S currency and SDR value conversion for placement on a parcel.

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