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Page Title: Daily Agent Accountability Summary
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Balancing of Cash Funds
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Sample DD Form 2665, Daily Agent Accountability Summary (front)
The Month-to-Date totals are cumulative for the entire  accounting  period.  Month-to-Date  totals  in Sections II, III, and IV are cumulative from month-to- month. The total of Section IV must agree with the total of Section I or the DD 2657 is out of balance. The DD 2657 for a new business day should never be started until the DD 2657 for the previous business day is in balance. A properly balanced DD 2657 ensures the agreement between the DO’s cash accountability to the  Treasury  and  the  disbursements  and  collection transactions recorded in the accounting system. The daily DD 2657 will be signed by the DO as an official attestation  of  accountability  to  the  Treasury. DAILY AGENT ACCOUNTABILITY SUMMARY Each deputy, agent, and cashier will prepare a Daily Agent Accountability Summary, DD Form 2665, daily. The DD 2665 summarizes the transactions for each business day. A sample DD 2665 is shown in figures 7-3 and 7-4. A  DO  must  have  a  continuous  picture  of  the transactions  affecting  the  accountability  of  any assigned deputy, cashier, or agent. This is why the first DD 2665 should be prepared after an agent’s receipt of an advance from the DO (or other principal authorized to provide advances) to show the advance, and the last DD 2665 prepared up to the time of turn-in (submission of financial reports to the DO or principal) should show the turn-in. In this manner, the DD 2665 is a stand-alone document showing a complete picture of the deputy, cashier,  or  agent’s  accountability  transactions  from  day to day. When possible, a turn-in should not be done in the middle of a business day. However, if a turn-in must be made in the middle of a business day, a DD 2665 will be prepared up to the time of the turn-in and will properly include the turn-in. Another DD 2665 will be prepared  for  the  portion  of  the  business  day  following the  turn-in. STATEMENT  OF  AGENT  OFFICER’S ACCOUNT Each time a turn-in takes place or the settlement of an account occurs, the responsible deputy, agent, or cashier will prepare a Statement of Agent Officer’s Account, DD Form 1081, as a covering transmittal. The DD 1081 summarizes the transactions for the period of duty covered by the turn-in. The DD 1081 is also used to document advances of funds. Sample DD 1081s are shown in figures 7-5 and 7-6. Upon receipt of the DD 1081, the DO or primary deputy  will  perform  the  following  actions: Verify the DD 1081 when the deputy, cashier, or agent’s  account  is  settled. Sign the original and copy of the form. Retain the original and supporting documents to support the DD 2665. Return the signed copy to the deputy, agent, or cashier. The verification includes an actual cash count. The deputy, agent, or cashier will retain the signed copy as a record of the opening cash balance for the next period of duty or for record purposes if the account is balanced to zero. STATEMENT  OF  ACCOUNTABILITY As   stated   previously,   the   Statement   of Accountability,  SF  1219,  is  a  consolidated  analysis  of the transactions recorded for the accounting period. The SF 1219 shows summary totals of all receipts and expenditures  of  public  funds  occurring  during  the accounting period and the state of the DO’s accounts at the end of the accounting period. Preparation  and  Submission  Requirements The  Statement  of  Accountability,  SF  1219,  is prepared in triplicate. Erasures, strikeovers, or marks of  any  description  other  than  legitimate  entries  are  not permitted on the SF 1219. A Statement of Accountability will be submitted each month for each disbursing symbol. Whether or not transactions have occurred or an accountable balance is involved does not matter; the SF 1219 must still be submitted each month. This requirement must be met each month until a SF 1219 marked “FINAL” (in the blank space directly above the name line) has been submitted and the notice of detachment without relief or closure of the disbursing symbol has been made. (This annotation is used only to indicate that a DO has been detached without relief or the symbol has been closed.) When a DO is relieved of duty, the last return will be endorsed with a certificate of transfer, but will not be marked “FINAL.” As  a  senior  DK,  you  may  be  responsible  for preparing or auditing the SF 1219. In preparing the SF 1219, be sure to use cumulative Month-to-Date totals from the final DD 2657 for the accounting period (or month) to complete the similarly numbered lines of the SF 1219. Certain alpha-suffixed cumulative line totals on the DD 2657 must be combined before they are entered on the SF 1219. 7-6

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