Quantcast When COT Leave Travel May Be Performed

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Page Title: When COT Leave Travel May Be Performed
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Special Travel Categories Involving Authorized Allowances
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Ship Changes Location while Member is on Authorized Leave or Liberty
allowances  if  either  of  the  following  two  conditions  is met: One of the two tours is an unaccompanied tour. The member is reassigned from an accompanied tour to an accompanied tour and the total time to be served  between  the  two  PDSs  is  at  least  the  equivalent of  two  unaccompanied  tour  lengths  prescribed  for  those duty stations. Travel Status and Entitlement The member will be considered to be in a travel status  for  all  required  travel,  including  time  spent awaiting transportation. However, travel status extends only to direct travel and not to any circuitous routings. The  travel  entitlement  associated  with  a  COT  will  be via one of the following routings: The member’s home of record or to anyplace no farther  distant  than  the  member’s  home  of  record. Any place authorized or approved by SECNAV or  the  designated  representative.  The  designated representative  for  this  purpose  is  BUPERS. As  well  as  travel  status,  you  should  be  able  to determine  whether  entitlement  to  COT  allowances  will cover just the member or the member and his or her dependents. MEMBER ONLY.— The member only is entitled to COT travel allowances via one of the places just described if the member is in any one of the following categories: A member without dependents A   member   whose   dependents   have   not accompanied him or her A  member  whose  dependents  have  accompanied him  or  her  at  personal  expense  and  are  not command-sponsored at the time of departure from the overseas command MEMBER AND DEPENDENTS.—  A member with   dependents   can   be   eligible   for   travel   and transportation for himself or herself and his or her dependents  in  connection  with  COTS  under  the following   circumstances: The member has one or more dependents upon the effective date of the PCS or the last day of the first tour of a COT These  dependents  are  command-sponsored  and located at or in the vicinity of the member’s current  overseas  PDS The  entitlement  will  be  for  the  member  and authorized  dependents  via  one  of  the  places  authorized previously.  In  those  instances  where  temporary  duty  is required  by  the  orders,  travel  via  the  temporary  duty point  is  authorized. When COT Leave Travel May Be Performed Consecutive overseas leave travel will normally be preformed between the two consecutive overseas tours involved. In certain instances, however, COT leave travel may be deferred until after the member reports to the new PDS. In these cases, the following rules apply: A  member  on  a  PCS  requiring  the  member and/or the dependents to traverse CONUS to complete the  PCS  may  defer  the  COT  leave  travel  only  if approved by BUPERS. A member with temporary duty in CONUS as part  of  the  PCS  will  take  COT  travel  leave  in conjunction with the temporary duty unless BUPERS approves   the   deferment   based   on   unusual circumstances that prevent the member or dependents from taking COT leave while INCONUS. Approval must  be  granted  before  the  member’s  transfer. In   cases   not   falling   under   the   previous circumstances,  the  member  and/or  the  dependents  may choose to defer the travel until after reporting to the new PDS. In  all  cases,  the  COT  leave  travel  must  be performed before the expiration of 1 year after the date on which the member begins the consecutive tour of duty. Dependents may travel with the member at the time the member is granted the COT leave or they may travel  independently. ESCORTS AND ATTENDANTS ACCOMPANYING  DEPENDENTS  ON AUTHORIZED  TRAVEL Another special travel category often associated with  overseas  tours  is  when  dependents  are  authorized to have escorts or attendants while performing official travel. An escort or attendant is authorized only when the  order-issuing  official  has  determined  that  travel  by the dependent is necessary and that the dependent is incapable  of  traveling  alone  because  of  age,  physical  or 3-8

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