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Page Title: Glossary: L - M
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LATITUDE-The  measure  of  angular  distance  in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc from 0° to 90° north or south of the equator. LAUNCH-(1) To float a ship upon completion of building.  (2)  An  open  powerboat. LAY-(1) Expresses the idea of “to move oneself,” as “Lay (yourself) up on the main deck.” (2) The direction of the twist of strands of a rope. LEAD-A weight used in taking soundings. LEE-(1)  The  direction  toward  which  the  wind  is blowing or the opposite direction from which the wind is blowing. (2) A sheltered area to leeward of a  ship  or  other  windbreaker. LEEWARD-Position  away  from  the  wind. LEEWAY-(1) The drift of an object, with the wind, on the water's surface. (2) The sideward motion of a ship due to wind and current. (3) The difference between  a  ship's  heading  (course  steered)  and  a ship's track (course made good); sometimes called drift. LIFELINE-(1) Any line secured along the deck to lay hold of in heavy weather. (2) Any line used to assist personnel. The lifelines between stanchions along the outboard edges of a ship's weather decks are all loosely referred to as lifelines; specifically, the top line  is  the  lifeline,  the  middle  line  is  the  housing  line, and the bottom line is the fast line. LINE-A general term for rope, either fiber or synthetic. LONGITUDE -A  measure  of  angular  distance  in degrees, minutes, and seconds east or west of the prime meridian at Greenwich. LOOKOUT-A person stationed as a visual watch; horizon, surface, fog, an so forth. LUCKY BAG-A locker usually maintained by the master-at-arms used to stow personal gear left adrift and deserter's effects. MACNAMARA  LACE-Fancy  curtains  and  trimmings for barges and gigs worked from unlaid canvas threads. MAGAZINE-A compartment aboard ship or ashore fitted for the stowage of ammunition. All magazines are fitted with sprinkler systems for flooding in case of  fire. MANNED AND READY-A report made by a guncrew or watch station when all hands are present and ready  for  action. MANNING THE RAIL-An  all-hands  evolution  where the ship's crew line up along the ship's rail to honor some  person  or  occasion. MANROPE-A safety line, or any line rigged to assist personnel  in  ascending  or  descending. MARLINE-Small stuff (line) usually made up now of synthetic  line. MARLINESPIKE-A tapered steel tool for separating strands of rope or wire in splicing. MASTER-AT-ARMS-A member of a ship's police force. MATERIAL CONDITION-State  of  damage-control readiness  within  a  ship.  Designated  conditions  of readiness are X, Y, and Z. MEDITERRANEAN  MOOR-The mooring of a ship with its stern to a seawall and bow kept from swinging   by   anchors   placed   ahead   while maneuvering in; used much by the U.S. Sixth Fleet. MESSENGER-(1) A light line used to carry across a hawser. (2) Person who carries messages. MIDWATCH-The watch beginning at 0000 and ending at 0400. MIND YOUR RUDDER-The caution to the steersman to steer a more precise course or to be alert to some special   circumstance. MOORING-(1) The securing of a ship to a pier or wharf or to a mooring buoy. (2) Anchoring with two anchors connected to a single chain by means of a mooring  swivel. MOORING  LINE-A   line   used   specifically   for securing a ship to a pier. MORNING WATCH-The watch from 0400 to 0800. MOUSING-(1) A seizing of line across a hook to prevent a sling from slipping off. PARCEL-The act of wrapping a line or wire with strips of  canvas. PAY OUT-The act of slacking off or easing out a line. PELICAN  HOOK-A  quick-release  device  made  in various sizes. May be opened while under strain by knocking away a locking ring that holds it closed. PENDANT-A length of wire; often fitted with an eye at one or both ends. AI-7

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