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Page Title: Measure of Damage
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Military Personnel and Cvilian Employees' Claims Act
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Sample DD Form 1842, Claim for Loss of or Damage to Personal Property Incident to Service (front) - 14134_325
denied. Such contributory negligence is a complete bar to  recovery. . Collision damage to motor vehicle. Damage to motor vehicles is not payable as a personnel claim when it  was  caused  by  collision  with  another  motor  vehicle. “Motor  vehicle”  includes  automobiles,  motorcycles, trucks,   recreational   vehicles,   and   any   other self-propelled  military,  industrial,  construction,  or agricultural  equipment.   Collision claims may be paid under  other  claims  statutes—most  frequently  the  FTCA or  MCA—depending  on  the  circumstances. JAGINST 5890.1 limits or prohibits recovery for certain types of property damage. The most common examples are as follows: l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Currency or jewelry shipped or stored in baggage Losses in unassigned quarters in the United States Enemy  property  or  war  trophies Unserviceable  or  worn-out  property Articles  acquired  for  persons  other  than  the claimant and members of his or her immediate household Inconvenience  or  loss  of  use  expenses Items  of  speculative  value Business  property Sales tax Appraisal  fees Quantities  of  property  not  reasonable  or  useful under  the  circumstances Articles  being  worn  except  under  certain  limited circumstances Intangible  property  representing  ownership  or interest in other property, such as bankbooks, checks, stock certificates, and insurance policies Government   property Contraband (property acquired, possessed, or transported  in  violation  of  law  or  regulations) MEASURE OF DAMAGE The rules for calculating the amount the claimant can  recover  on  a  personnel  claim  are  not  complicated. The  provisions  of  JAGINST  5890.1,  encl.  (5),  for computing the amount of award may be summarized as follows: . If the property can be repaired, the claimant will receive reasonable repair costs established either by a paid  bill  or  an  estimate  from  a  competent  person. Estimate fees may also be recovered under certain circumstances. Deductions  may  be  made  for  any preexisting damage (damage or defects that existed before the incident that gave rise to the personnel claim) that also would be repaired. If the cost of repairing the property  exceeds  its  depreciated  replacement  cost, however,   the   property   will   be   considered   not economically  repairable. .  If  the  property  cannot  be  economically  repaired the  claimant  will  recover  an  amount  based  on  the property’s replacement cost. This amount is reduced to reflect  any  depreciation. Schedules of depreciation deductions  are  published  by  JAG.  The  schedules  do  not normally require depreciation for items less than 6 months old. Older items are depreciated on a basis of a percentage of the replacement cost for each year the claimant  owned  the  property.  Depreciation  deductions are not usually taken for certain expensive items that appreciate in value over time (antiques, heirlooms, valuable jewelry) or for relatively unique items such as original  works  of  art.    Deductions  may  also  be  taken when the claimant retains property that cannot be economically  repaired,  but  nonetheless  retains  a significant  salvage  value. The maximum amount payable under the PCA is $40,000. Lower maximum amounts may be imposed for certain types of property. For example, noncollision damage claims for motor vehicles are limited to $2,000, except  when  the  vehicle  is  being  shipped  pursuant  to PCS  orders. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS The statute of limitations for personnel claims is 2 years, although it can be suspended during time of armed conflict.  In  household  goods  claims,  however,  the claimant must act relatively promptly. Failure to take exceptions when the goods are delivered by the carrier, or within 70 days, may result in reduced payment. Also, failure  to  file  the  claim  in  time  for  the  federal government  to  recover  compensation  from  the  earner under the carrier’s contract with the government may also result in reduced payment. 12-16

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