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Page Title: Nonscope Claims
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Measure of Damages - 14134_332
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Article 139, UCMJ,Claims
Division of OJAG be involved in the case from the earliest  possible  moment. After initially notifying JAG, the command must promptly  begin  an  investigation  of  the  incident.  A JAGMAN  investigation  usually  is  required  although,  in some  circumstances,  a  letter  report  is  appropriate. Section 1205 of the JAG Manual provides  guidance  for determining  whether  a  JAGMAN  investigation  is necessary,   and,   if   one   is   necessary,   the   type   of investigation that is most appropriate. Chapter II of the JAG   Manual   provides  specific  investigatory requirements  for  certain  maritime  incidents.  Also, sections 1207 and 1210 of the  JAG  Manual  prescribe requirements  and  procedures  concerning  witnesses  and documents  in  admiralty  investigations. NONSCOPE  CLAIMS Section 2737 of Title 10, U. S. C., and enclosure (4) of  JAGINST  5890.1  provide  for  payment  of  certain types   of   claims   not   cognizable   under   any   other provisions of law. Such claims are known as “nonscope claims” and arise out of either the use of a government vehicle anywhere or the use of government property aboard a federal installation. The personal injury, death, or property damage must be caused by a federal military employee, but there is no requirement that the acts be negligent or in the scope of federal employment (hence the term nonscope  claim). SCOPE OF LIABILITY As  a  precondition  to  payment  under  the  nonscope claims provisions, the claim must not be cognizable under some other claims statute. The resulting personal injury, death, or property damage must be caused by a federal military employee (either a military member or a civilian employee of the armed forces or Coast Guard). Acts by employees of nonappropriated fund activities are not covered by the nonscope  claims  statute. Neither  the  nonscope  claims  statute  nor  the  Navy’s regulations  require  that  the  federal  military  employee’s conduct  causing  the  loss  be  negligent  or  otherwise wrongful. The  scope  of  employment  concept,  which  is required under the FTCA and for some MCA claims, does not apply to nonscope claims. Nonscope claims are limited to injury, death, or property  damage  arising  out  of  either  of  the  following circumstances: l  Incident  to  the  use  of  a  government  vehicle anywhere. . Incident to use of government property aboard a government   installation. (Government   installation means any facility having fixed boundaries and owned or controlled by the federal government. It includes both  military  bases  and  nonmilitary  installations.) There are no territorial limitations on nonscope claims. EXCLUSIONS  ON  LIABILITY If the loss was caused, in whole or in part, by the claimant’s negligence or wrongful acts, or by negligence or  wrongful  acts  by  the  claimant’s  agent  or  employee, the claimant is barred from any recovery under the nonscope  claims  statute. Subrogee  and  insurers  may  not  recover  subrogated nonscope  claims. MEASURE  OF  DAMAGES For personal injury or death, the claimant may recover no more than actual medical, hospital, or burial expenses  not  paid  or  furnished  by  the  federal government. The claimant may not recover any amount that he or  she  can  recover  under  an  indemnifying  law  or indemnity  contract. The  maximum  payable  as  a  nonscope  claim  is $1,000. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS A nonscope claim must be presented within 2 years after the claim accrues or it will be forever barred. PROCEDURES Notable  procedural  aspects  of  nonscope  claims include  the  following: . Automatic consideration of other claims. Claims submitted pursuant to the FTCA or MCA, but which are not  payable  under  those  acts  because  of  scope  of employment   requirements,   automatically   will   be considered for payment as a nonscope claim. .  Adjudicating  authority. All   adjudicating authorities  listed  in  JAGINST  5890.1  are  authorized  to adjudicate nonscope claims. 12-25

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