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Page Title: Personality Disorders
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Legalman 1 & C - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Physical Disability - 14135_270
Any request for discharge under this article will be submitted in writing only by the member and may be approved by the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-282) or   by   the   CO   or   OIC   having   SPCM   CA. Characterization  of  service  will  be  honorable,  general, or ELS. For additional guidance on separation processing by reason  of  convenience  of  the  government  due  to surviving  son  or  daughter  status,  refer  to  the MILPERSMAN. Other Designated Physical or Mental Conditions This   category   provides   for   the   separation   of members on the basis of designated physical or mental conditions   considered   inherent   or   developmental defects that do not constitute a physical disability. Such conditions  are  those  considered  to  interfere  with  a member’s performance of duty or pose a threat to his or her safety or well-being. These conditions include but are not limited to the following: .  Motion/air  sickness—must  be  verified  by  an otolaryngologist   (ENT)   doctor. No  counseling  is required before initiation of separation processing. .   Enuresis   (bed-wetting)—must   be   medically confirmed by a urologist.    No counseling is required before  initiation  of  separation  processing. .   Somnambulism   (sleepwalking)—must   be medically confirmed. A sworn statement from the military member must be included documenting at least one   sleepwalking   episode.   The   episode   must   be witnessed  by  at  least counseling  is  required processing. l  Allergies—must two   military   members.   No before  initiation  of  separation be medically confirmed by an allergy or internal medicine evaluation. No counseling is  required  before  initiation  of  separation  processing. .  Excessive  height—must  be  medically  confirmed by   an   orthopedic   consultation.   No   counseling   is required  before  initiation  of  separation  processing. Personality Disorders Separation may be directed by the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-282) or an officer with SPCM CA when a member has been diagnosed with a personality disorder  and  that  such  condition  will  interfere  with  the member’s performance of duty or pose a threat to his or her safety or well-being. The  member’s  CO  is  the  initial  authority responsible for determining if and when a member will be processed. Members may be separated under this article provided that: l  medical  diagnosis  is  made  by  a  competent military  medical  authority  that  concludes  that  the disorder is of such severity that it renders the member incapable  of  serving  adequately. . there is documented evidence that the diagnosis of personality disorder interferes with the member’s performance of duty. l documented interference must be a part of the CO’s  endorsement,  as  mere  presence  of  a  personality disorder is not a bar to naval service. l  counseling  has  been  initiated  whereby  the member has been advised of his or her deficiencies and has been afforded the opportunity to overcome those deficiencies (page 13 entry required except in those instances where it has been determined by medical authority  that  the  member  is  self-destructive  or  a continuing  danger  to  themselves  or  others). Start  processing  by  use  of  the  notification procedure.  You  will  send  any  discharge  requests  that require approval from the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-282)  to  him  or  her  for  final  determination. Make sure cases approved by an SPCM CA are sent to PERS-282  with  the  required  documentation. Message   requests   for   a   personality   disorder separation   should   be   reserved   for   unusual circumstances. If  the  necessity  arises  to  submit  a message, the complete psychiatric evaluation must be quoted  verbatim. For additional guidance on separation processing by reason  of  convenience  of  the  government  due  to personality disorder, refer to the MILPERSMAN. Aliens A member who is neither a natural born nor a naturalized citizen of the United States is an alien. A member may be separated upon his or her request with the   approval   of   the   Chief   of   Naval   Personnel (PERS-282) on the basis of being an alien who no longer wishes to serve. You need to inform an alien seeking this  type  of  discharge  that  discharge  from  the  service under this article will be a permanent bar to becoming a 9-7

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