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Page Title: Meat Saw
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At the end of the day disassemble the machine and thoroughly  clean  the  cutting  plates  and  disks.  Carefully inspect each part for strings of vegetables that may not have washed off. This machine has parts that must be oiled daily to prolong the life and efficiency of the machine. MEAT SAW Electric  sawing  machines  (fig.  4-12)  are  used mainly for cutting chilled, frozen, and smoked meats into steaks and chops. It is important to know that meat can be cut more uniformly by machine when there is still some frost in the boneless piece. The  saw  is  made  to  revolve  by  a  mechanical arrangement of two wheels and an electric motor. The table on which the meat is laid is constructed so that you can cut the meat to any desired size. The saw blades themselves are five-eighths of an inch wide and about 10 feet long. Operation Before operating the saw, you must tighten the blade using only one hand to apply just enough tension to keep it from slipping. Feed the meat straight through giving Figure  4-12.—Electric  sawing  machine. 4-17 the blade a chance to cut. Do not force. Use only sharp blades. Dull blades may heat up, twist, and break. The electric meat cutter is a dangerous piece of equipment. A great deal of care is necessary to avoid injury when you operate this machine. There are seven safety precautions that should be observed when you are operating the meat saw: l Always wear safety glasses or impact goggles when using the saw. . Before you cut the meat, make sure the right amount of tension is on the saw blade. There should be no flexibility whatsoever. The feel of the saw blade will be solid when the right amount of tension is applied. .  Meat  being  sawed  should  be  placed  firmly against the sliding tray guide with enough pressure to maintain  a  uniform  thickness  of  the  slices. . Never use unnecessary force when cutting (sawing) meat. It is possible to break the blade and cause serious injury to yourself or others from flying pieces of metal. . Always make sure the guide is securely tightened after the adjustment for the thickness of the meat slices has been determined. Set the blade guide 2 inches above the  meat. . Always keep your hands on the part of the meat that is most distant from the saw blade. . Make sure the blade guard is in place at all times except when cleaning. Care  and  Cleaning The revolving wheels have grease chambers. Pack them frequently. Keep the machine clean. Oil it at least once a week. Always wash and sanitize the machine properly  after  each  use  or  after  every  4  hours  of continued use. Use hot soapy water to wash the machine and rinse it with hot water (170°F). Do not drip water on  the  electric  motor. MEAT CHOPPER The electric meat chopper is used to chop or grind all meats (cooked or raw) and to prepare bread crumbs from leftover bread and toast. The meat chopper is portable and maybe placed where it is needed most. It should be placed on a sturdy stand within easy reach of an electric outlet. Operation Usually a 3/8-inch plate is used for grinding meat. The use of a 3/16-inch plate for such grinding puts too much pressure on the grinder. The cutting edge of the

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