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Page Title: Underway Replenishment
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Dealers’ Invoices - 14163_270
Mess Management Specialist 1 & C - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Foodservice Cost Control - 14163_272
fast pay procedures are used or when receipt inspections are  accomplished  by  another  activity. Before your ship leaves a foreign port, your FSO should  prepare  and  submit  for  payment  all  public vouchers  covering  the  dealers’  invoices  for  food  items from foreign vendors. If payment of dealers’ invoices cannot be made before the ship leaves port, all such invoices, properly certified, are forwarded to the nearest disbursing officer for payment. However, if there is no supply  officer  with  the  disbursing  facilities  in  the immediate vicinity, arrangements should be made with the local naval attaché, naval observer, or consular officer  to  whom  the  supply  officer  forwards  the  public vouchers with certified invoices and three copies of the purchase order so payment can be accomplished. Dealers’  invoices  offering  discounts  upon  payment within  the  discount  period  are  processed  immediately after the material is received and forwarded to the NRFC or FAADC designated in the purchase document for preparation and payment of public vouchers. When the dealer’s invoices are not forwarded within the discount period because of a fault of the dealer, an explanation may be made on a copy of the dealer’s invoice or the inspection  report,  whichever  is  used  for  certification  of receipt of the material. Dealers’   invoices   not   subject   to   discount   are forwarded  to  the  appropriate  NRFC  or  FAADC  within 10 days from the date of receipt of the material or the dealer’s invoice, whichever is later. Payment  of  invoices  received  from  a  dealer  not located in an area served by the NRFC is made by the disbursing officer of the receiving ship or activity. If a disbursing officer is not available, payment can be made by one of the following offices or centers, whichever or whoever is the nearest: . Military disbursing officer l   United   States   disbursing   officer   (usually assigned  to  a  United  States  Embassy) . Nearest NRFC or FAADC Canadian dealers’ invoices are forwarded to the Navy Regional Finance Center, Washington, DC, for payment  when  a  disbursing  officer  is  not  available  or when no other provisions have been made. Payment is made in Canadian dollars. In  summary,  dealers’  invoices  INCONUS  for  both afloat and ashore activities are submitted to the nearest NRFC  or  FAADC.  OUTCONUS  afloat  activities dealers’  invoices  are  paid  by  the  ship’s  disbursing officer.  On  ships  without  a  disbursing  officer,  the dealers’ invoices are forwarded to the nearest disbursing officer  or  designated  disbursing  office. Transfers From Ship’s Stores Only individual-sized serving items; that is, food items  packaged  in  small  containers  providing  one individual serving and authorized for special meals, may be transferred from ship’s stores to the GM for use in preparing  special  meals. Underway  Replenishment Underway  replenishment  is  a  major  task.  However, this  task  may  be  simplified  somewhat  by  careful planning and supervision on your part. The Underway Replenishment Bill is a part of your ship’s Standard Organization  and  Regulations  Manual.  Compare  this bill with others that you have used. If the bill can be improved, discuss your recommended changes with your  immediate  supervisor. If your ship is attached to an operating force, it will receive most of its support from mobile logistics support groups  (AFs). Listed next are some major points that you should consider  when  planning  underway  replenishment: 1. 2. Submit your requisition to the AF within the item limits listed in replenishment guides. This gives  the  AF  ample  time  to  process  the requisition. Be sure you are ready for replenishment when the time comes by accomplishing the following: a. b. c. d. e. Know  the  replenishment  stations. Determine the number of cases that will come  aboard,  how  many  people  will  be required as checkers, and how many people will be needed in the working party. Be sure all storerooms are ready to receive the  stores.  This  may  require  stock  rotation and   storeroom   cleanup   by   the   bulk storeroom   personnel. Plan the traffic routes for the working party to take. (Be sure to indicate a separate return from  the  storerooms  to  avoid  congestion  and confusion.) The   commanding   officer   (CO)   and executive officer (XO) should be informed of  the  plans  for  replenishment. 12-13

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