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Page Title: Equipment and Supply Rooms
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Residen Personal Baggage Inventory Sheet
Mess Management Specialist 3 & 2 - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Bachelor Quarters Management School - 14164_240
are less crowded, there are fewer difficult places to clean,  and  better  use  can  be  made  of  laborsaving equipment. A  well-equipped  room  service  cart  will  save  many steps because all required supplies can be taken to the room in one trip. In addition to carrying all cleaning equipment, the cart should have a place for clean linens, a bag or hamper for soiled linens, and a bag or container into  which  wastebaskets  can  be  emptied. Routine  care  is  normally  covered  by  cleaning schedules that list the jobs that are to be done daily and weekly, and personnel are assigned specific cleaning responsibilities.  A  room  inventory  should  be  taken  with each  daily  cleaning  using  a  checkoff  list.  Any  missing items are recorded on the list, and it is referred to the BPO for appropriate action. Custodial  Force  (Military  or  Civilian) The custodial force is responsible to the BPO for the cleanliness  of  the  BQ.  Specifically,  the  custodial  force has the following responsibilities: l l l As directed by the BPO, and depending upon the type and configuration of the quarters, cleans all the  common  use  areas  and  the  outside  areas  of the BQ daily Assists the BPO in maintaining the BQ in an appropriate  level  of  safety,  cleanliness,  and comfort  for  the  occupants Reports  any  complaints  or  suggestions  directly to the BPO received about the BQ. Reports any known or suspected breaches of regulations or discipline within the BQs Equipment and Supply Rooms Large amounts of cleaning equipment are ruined and  become  useless  through  the  simple  failure  to provide  for  their  proper  storage.  Brooms,  foxtails,  and radiator brushes quickly become useless if they are stored with the weight resting on their fibers. They should be suspended from wall mounts. Buffer brushes must be removed from the buffers when not in use. The practice of storing buffers with the brushes still attached soon crushes the fibers. This results in erratic buffer operation  and  requires  the  early  purchase  of  new brushes. Close  supervision  of  the  custodial  cleaners  is needed  to  make  sure  only  correct  cleaning  agents  are used  for  each  job,  and  only  the  prescribed  rations  are used when mixing products with water. The BQ staff should premix cleaning solutions before their use to avoid unnecessary waste. Swabs should be marked as to specific use (that is, strip, wax, or rinse) and not interchanged.  They  should  be  stored  with  the  strands up, from wall mounts, to allow them to dry properly. Usage  data  compiled  for  the  cleaning  supplies consumed in each building is a valuable tool. It can be used for both locating areas of waste and determining which cleaning agent is most effective. High and low limits should be established to make sure  adequate  supplies  are  always  on  hand.  The  person in charge of the bulk storeroom area should maintain a record of receipts, issues, and inventory. ADMIRAL  ZUMWALT  AWARD  FOR  BQ MANAGEMENT The Secretary of the Navy established the Admiral Elmo  R.  Zumwalt  Award  for  BQ  Management.  Its purpose is to recognize those commands whose Navy bachelor  quarters  excel  in  providing  responsible, well-managed,  and  habitable  living  conditions  for  naval personnel. Complete details of this award program are contained in the  Navy  Bachelor  Quarters  Manual, NAVPERS  15606. The Admiral Zumwalt Award Program is sponsored by the Secretary of the Navy to indicate the high degree of importance attached to the living conditions of Navy men and women. BUPERS administers the program, and provides suitable  awards  to  be  presented  by  the  Secretary  of  the Navy to the three finalists in each of the following competitive  categories  of  BEQ  and  BOQ  management operations: l Jumbo - 2,500 or more total spaces . Large - 1,000 or more total spaces . Medium - 300 to 999 total spaces . Small - up to 299 total spaces A space is defined as an increment of 72 square feet net (living area) for E-1 through E4 trainees and recruits and of 90 square feet for all other enlisted rooms and open bays. TRAINING An effective training program in the management and administration of BQs is essential to establishing 10-17

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